What is BuonVivere? Someone could write a whole essay on it, but we will try to describe what BuonVivere is according to the Langhe Monferrato Roero way.

To us, BuonVivere is about planning the future, but without ever losing sight of history and culture. It is about music: a symphonic performance where each orchestrator knows which notes to play and when. It is about colours: endless shades which change from season to season and on which you can rest your eyes. It is about flavours: like the genuine products of these lands, but also the most delicious ones of the traditional recipes. BuonVivere is about hospitality, friendliness, kindness and goodness. The latter, as the philosopher Henry David Thoreau used to say: "is the only investment that never fails", and we strongly believe this. 

And what about you? Are you ready to start your journey into BuonVivere? Just have a go, be inspired!


Unforgettable moments and lifetime memories to be cherished and told, emotions experienced in the company of loved ones, children and adults, and of our friends: this, and much more, is clearly evident in the words of those who have already visited the hills of Langhe Monferrato Roero.

If you are determined not to live by experiences alone, but you also wish to enhance your inner self by developing some real, authentic emotions, then let yourself be enticed by the testimonials of our esteemed guests. You will be most welcome and we will be much honoured to make you part of our daily routine. We will do this slowly, valuing your time, the same precious time that is such an essential part of BuonVivere.


    Art and design in the hills.

    "To travel is to walk towards the horizon, to meet others, to know, to discover and to return richer than when the journey began" (Luis Sepúlveda).

    To explore and search for history and art across the landscapes of Langhe Monferrato Roero is a discovery and, at the same time, a growth all spiced up with moments of pure pleasure in-between tastings and convivial interludes to be shared with your friends.

    The plin that changes your life.

    "We do not remember days, we remember moments” (Cesare Pavese)

    A taste-filled holiday that will become one of the happiest moments of your life. You will be enjoying tastings of fine wines, dinners enhanced by generous truffle shavings and cooking lessons; this moment will change your life and these memories will stay with you forever. That’s life: good things happen when you least expect them.

    Pedalling with taste.

    Every journey has its own soundtrack, every destination has its own notes. The Langhe Monferrato Roero soundtrack, for those who know how to listen, is steeped in soil, colour and hard work.

    These are the hills of Giovanni Gerbi, the legendary Diavolo Rosso (Red Devil), this is where Coppi and Bartali used to challenge each other; these are the cities where the exciting stages of the most important tours end; these are the labours of heroes which were turned into poems through the notes of Paolo Conte, the famous maestro.  

    If you love cycling these hills will give you plenty of emotions with every ride: stunning views and some cultural and gastronomic stops will repay you for every effort.



    Family adventures.

    Ohana means family in Hawaiian, but its meaning is much deeper and goes far beyond mere family ties: it is a magic union of affection and feelings.

    A short word, yet full of sweetness, which encompasses our whole world of relationships. So, what could be better than a moment of leisure to strengthen these ties? What could possibly be better than a relaxing holiday with your loved ones, both children and adults, enjoying games, recreational experiences, soft trekking on foot, on horseback or in the company of some cute little donkeys? Take a break, enjoy the happiness of your children by sharing some unique moments surrounded by nature: a radiant ohana is a prologue to BuonVivere.