Fly freely in the sky as you watch the world go by, down there, in the silence and tranquillity of a hot air balloon.

Picture yourself like in a 3D movie, you are floating on air to the rhythm of the wind, in the absence of gravity, without windows or portholes, without barriers, among the clouds: just you, the breeze and your lens with which you can capture amazing images. There is no turbulence, the hot air balloon follows the wind, without ever disagreeing; there are no filters and your gaze sweeps freely all around. Silence is unreal, occasionally broken by the breath of the balloon’s burner. To explore these hills, this endless expanse of vineyards dotted with castles and historic villages, and to contemplate the outline of the Alps is an adrenaline-pumping experience which is both intimate and exciting. 

At dawn or dusk, enjoy these views from a bird's-eye perspective, as you pass by woods, fields, cross valleys and admire the scenery of the winding course of rivers, rocks and gullies.

A toast at high altitude, carried in a basket by a coloured hot air balloon: no happy hour will ever be so happy again.

Book your hot air balloon ride over the hills of Langhe Monferrato Roero

Expert pilots will take you, in full safety, on a journey through this wonderful land, and involve you in all the pre-flight activities. They will tell you about the history and curiosities of each manor house you will see along the route set by the wind, and teach you how to identify from above the best crus of the great wines of these lands.


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