Famous yet mysterious, precious, born of the union of water, earth and the fire of Zeus, a scented story that begins far away... All this, and much more, is the Alba White Truffle.

Although not all mysteries will be unravelled, truffle hunting delivers great thrills.

It will be like going behind the scenes of a theatrical performance. Some tips will be revealed, others will have to be figured out. The Trifulau, (expert truffle hunters) as we know, are very jealous of their secrets, they go out at night, the nights with full moon being the best, walking with light steps, measuring gestures, they map woods and clearings and leave no trace. The trusty Tabui is with them, their small dog, purebred or mixed breed, but with an infallible nose. The communication between them consists of whispers and precise orders, given in a basic dialect. The wood has a thousand smells, but the dog proceeds without hesitation knowing that for every truffle he finds there is a reward.  Suddenly he wags his tail, wiggles, scratches the ground and starts digging. The dog's paws and the man's hands help each other: they have to be fast and careful at the same time, it takes mutual harmony and trust. And here it comes, the king of the finest tables, scented and perfect, ready to delight the palates of the most discerning gourmets.

Truffle hunting in Langhe Monferrato Roero is a celebration of the senses, an experience to be lived, remembered and told.

Walking in the woods, perceiving all the scents and sounds, hearing the crispy-crunch sound of dry leaves at every step, learning more about the plants and animals that live in these hills, always under the guidance of an experienced Trifulau and in the company of his trusty little dog... these are pleasures which reconnect us with nature. And if, along the way, Tabui should surprise us by finding a truffle, well, that would be an exciting thrill and an awesome privilege.