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Tour of the Five Towers

People in the Langa are like their rocks: robust and adaptable. They adapt to the challenging slopes they have mastered.  They have adapted themselves to hazards by building with the same rocks a series of houses, castles, bridges, churches and imposing watchtowers. Here, we are presenting five towers which are all connected by a very evocative and famous route: if each itinerary were a book, the "Tour of the Five Towers" would definitely stand out among the classics.


This is a loop trail that, starting from Monastero Bormida, connects the medieval towers of Monastero Bormida, San Giorgio Scarampi, Olmo Gentile, Roccaverano and Vengore. The towers of Perletto, Denice and Castelletto d'Erro are also clearly visible along the route. All these towers used to form the defence line of the Marquisate of the Carretto family who, at that time, had control over a large part of the Langhe and the Ligurian Apennines to protect against Saracen invasions.

The trail can be walked all year round; however, in terms of nature and colours, the best seasons are definitely spring and autumn. The route runs mainly along asphalted roads, white roads, cart tracks, as well as woods and meadow paths.

As the path often crosses or runs alongside asphalted roads it can also be walked in sections at different times, and you can use the car to reach the next stretch you want to walk. As the route winds mainly along the ridges, please take note that springs or water sources are rare, nevertheless you can enjoy the hospitality of the valley dwellers who are happy to open their homes to thirsty travellers and offer their typical local products such as the famous Robiola di Roccaverano cheese. Along the path you can also easily bump into some roes and fallow deer and, on a clear day, the view overlooks a large part of the Apennines and the Alps stretching from Monte Beigua down to the Ligurian Alps, Maritime Alps, Monviso, Cottian and Graian Alps, Mont Blanc, Cervino, Monte Rosa and the Pennine Alps.

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The trail can be walked in both directions, however the classic tour is with departure and arrival in Monastero Bormida, via San Giorgio Scarampi, Olmo Gentile, Roccaverano, Vengore, Garroni, Santa Libera.

Signage: the trail is marked with official red and white CAI signposts, with boards and arrow signs pointing the main sites and places of interest, and with 5T directional trail markers on the poles.  The former yellow diamond signs and wooden arrows can still be found at the main junctions.


CAI Acqui Terme






Monastero Bormida
Monastero Bormida
Type of trail
Stage trail
31 km
Estimated Time
8:15 hours


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Monastero Bormida
14058 Asti
Monastero Bormida
14058 Asti

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