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Family Outings - Agliano Terme: Barbera Trail

A long hike to discover the territory of Agliano Terme among magnificent vineyards and suggestive cherry trees. A very long walk that actually includes five different itineraries (all loop-type and marked by different colours) to help you create a route tailored to your own needs. 


From Piazza Roma, where you can park, take Via Corte and then turn right onto Via XX Settembre at Salumeria Truffa (brown "panoramic point" sign). Go slightly uphill to reach a small square, overlooking two sacred buildings. Continue on Via XX Settembre to the left, towards the tree-lined avenue that offers a first panoramic view, then turn right onto Via Cesare Battisti (brown "panoramic point" sign). After a short climb you reach a tower, its top overlooks the surrounding area and from there it is possible to see the route to follow. Once past the tower you will find a large playground while the road takes a circular turn back to the previous junction.

You turn right towards the little church of Santa Croce, keeping it to your left, and walk along an asphalted road that passes through another small panoramic garden. Once you get to Via Dante Alighieri, take the narrower road to the left that leads down steeply to the SP6 and there you start the "Percorso Giallo" (Yellow Route). Now follow the provincial road to the right (direction Asti), and walk for about 400 metres until you reach a small road, always asphalted, which descends to the left (locality Mucci). When you see some houses turn left, through the vineyards, and descend rather steeply until you reach the asphalted road at the bottom of the valley.

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Note: this is the only stretch on the route that could prove challenging with prams, please consider that it is not very long (400 metres) and it is downhill, but you should definitely avoid it in case of recent rain because of the mud.

Turn right to take nearly immediately the road on the left (blue signs for various hamlets, including Cascinetta). After a few metres take the road on the right (Brusasacco) and, always on asphalt, take the road uphill towards the other side of the village of Agliano. After a double bend you enter the hamlet and turn left, always on asphalt, crossing a beautiful area of vineyards dotted with cherry trees on the ridge and with a superb panoramic view on both sides.  At the crossroads you leave the "Percorso Giallo" (Yellow Route) and continue straight on along the votive pillar to your left (Bricco-Ansaldo signpost).

Note: those who follow the Yellow Trail loop must turn left.

Once you are near the house the road becomes unpaved and continues along on a ridge. Always stay on the main road, also through a couple of bends, and then the road becomes a nice grassy track and finally you get back on asphalt near another group of houses, where the "Percorso Arancio" (Orange route) starts. From the road you can see a bell tower on your left, and with a very short deviation you reach a small chapel next to a farm and set on a panoramic terrace.

Go straight and walk on the asphalted road again, ignore the various junctions on the left and stay just below the ridge of the hill until you reach the hamlet of Vianoce where at a crossroads you will join the "Percorso Rosso" (Red route), marked by a wooden cross.

Note: those who follow the Orange Route must turn left soon after the houses where the bell tower is.

At the crossroads you go straight on, on asphalt, always through beautiful gentle and undulating environments characterized by tidy and clean vineyards, while the road goes down to a crossroads which is marked by a votive pillar. Now turn left, always on asphalt, and continue to descend as you walk on the main road that passes by several groups of houses. When you reach a warehouse, please pay attention to a junction which is marked by blue signs indicating "Crena-Montà Perno", from where you are arriving, and "Agliano 2,5" in the direction you are going to. Here you leave the "Percorso Rosso" (Red route) to enter the "Percorso Azzurro" (Light Blue route).

Note: those who follow the Red Route must turn left towards a dirt road.

Soon after this junction, take the first small road on the right that climbs up behind a thick group of trees standing on the edge of the valley. Near a house, at the end of the road, take the uphill track to the left that passes through hazelnut groves, vineyards and woods towards an orange house in Bricco Roche. Pass the houses and go down towards a junction.

Alternative route for prams: do not take the small uphill road on the right, but go straight on along the road that runs through the bottom of the valley to join this junction.

Continue to the right and, shortly afterwards, turn right again (in Scorrone hamlet) leaving the "Percorso Azzurro". (Light Blue route)

Note: those who follow the Percorso Azzurro (Light Blue route) must continue straight ahead.

This is a mandatory route for prams: from here the route is no longer accessible to prams, you have to keep straight on the asphalt road along Crena Region and head directly to Agliano Terme for 1.3 km and through an elevation gain of 40 metres.

Very soon you will get to a white votive shrine: take the dirt road to the left that passes by the house and becomes a path, crossing completely a vineyard, until you get back on asphalt. Continue to the right until you reach the houses of the Spéssa hamlet and take the asphalted road on the left ("loc. Bansella" blue sign), then take the slightly uphill road to the right (always asphalted, "loc. Bansella" blue sign) and now follow the "Percorso Blu" (Blue path). Between the tree-lined banks and vineyards you will find yourself again on the ridge of gentle hills with panoramic views to the right and left.

Once past the houses you take the uphill road on the left which immediately becomes a dirt road heading towards a pylon. Keep it to your right and continue on a sloping ground, on the main road towards a group of sheds. Before you reach them, you have to take all the junctions on your left and go down towards the asphalt road that runs parallel to the route you have just walked. Once on the asphalt road you continue to the left, in the direction of a couple of houses where you will leave the asphalt and take the dirt road to the right. You keep following it straight on while going up quite steeply towards the village of Agliano.

When you reach a "T" crossroads, turn left for a short stretch along a tree-lined bank that runs alongside a vineyard and keep it to your right. It might seems as if the dirt road can go straight ahead, while you keep the vineyard to your left: it is not wrong, but if you follow the recommended route you will arrive more easily at the slight uphill slope that will take you to a wide meadow towards the asphalted road. Continue uphill and reach Via Donato Aluffi. Turn right (one way in the opposite direction for cars), and you will get to Piazza Roma, thus completing the loop.

An easy but long hike, you should consider spending the whole day there. However, the described itinerary includes five other routes and in various points it is possible to shorten the walk. Except for the last stretch, as mentioned above, it is also possible to walk with prams because the dirt road paths are fairly beaten.

For those who want to cover the five routes separately:
Red route - distance: 5,5 km / elevation gain: +170 m
Blue route - distance: 6 km / elevation gain: +230 m
Orange route - distance: 3,5 km / elevation gain: + 110 m
Yellow route - distance: 7 km / elevation gain: +200 m
Light Blue route - distance: 5,5 km / elevation gain: +170 m
All the paths are circular loops running along magnificent stretches through the vineyards although not all the paths are suitable for prams.


Franco Voglino and Annalisa Porporato



Piazza Roma
Piazza Roma
Type of trail
13 km
Estimated Time
4:30 hours


Family and child friendly

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Piazza Roma
14041 Asti
Piazza Roma
14041 Asti

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