Italian myths that are being revived: Vespa or Ape Calesse Carriage tours.

They have retained their timeless charm and just looking at them makes you think of the unforgettable frames of La Dolce Vita and of a romantic Italy of unquestionable charm. We are talking about the legendary Vespa and the Ape that, back in 1949, from being a vehicle for transporting goods, became a carriage used for transporting people, especially in holiday resorts, and it soon became a celebrated symbol of worldly and unconventional life. So there is definitely a nostalgic touch in the proposal of some operators in Langhe Monferrato Roero, who organize panoramic tours by bringing these icons of the '60s on the road, but in a more modern, comfortable and youthful way. 

An enjoyable way to discover the beauty of Langhe Monferrato Roero

Vespa or Ape Calesse Carriage tours are a unique, joyful experience to be shared with friends, always accompanied by qualified guides. The routes run through the most evocative and renowned wine-growing areas, through some splendid mediaeval villages, alongside castles and, finally, plunge into a natural setting to be fully admired. You will be able to customize your tour, perhaps stopping at a winery for delicious tastings or at a trattoria for a traditional lunch. All you have to do is make a reservation!


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