No more hesitation, no more wavering, it is time to unleash our imagination: today it's “all about freestyle cooking”.

It's time to get hands-on and discover the educational, fun and emotional value of cooking with mum and dad and alongside skilled chefs.
If you love travelling through colours, flavours, fragrances and traditions and would like to share this passion with all the members of your family, you should definitely join a child-friendly cooking class, that is also very appealing to adults, and which is organized by the professionals of Langhe Monferrato Roero.
Familiar environments in hilly and panoramic settings, expert chefs and three key words: fun, complicity and simplicity, are the recipe we suggest to discover the food and wine culture of these lands while enjoying magical moments.
All the little chefs' senses will be involved and it will be a new way of learning about healthy, varied and comprehensive diet.


Watch, smell, touch, shake and taste ...

Tricks of the trade, research into special ingredients and appetising tastings - all spiced up with professionalism and friendliness: a variety of mouth-watering experiences, dynamic and  funny family-friendly activities that will encourage children to approach food with awareness and passion.

quadrato_picnic nei vigneti

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