For many, but not for all: the hallmark of Orange Flags.

There are things that for us, Italians are permanent landmarks, tangible and intangible entities, people or institutions, with which we identify and feel a strong sense of belonging. These include the Touring Club Italiano, an association founded in 1894 thanks to the initiative of 57 cyclists, whose aim was to spread the ideal values of two wheels and travel. Since then, the TCI has come a long way, its green guides have a reputation for being an authoritative tool for enhancing Italy's unusual features. With this aim in mind, the TCI has established the “Bandiere Arancioni” (Orange Flags), a tourist-environmental quality seal that certifies Italian villages that meet precise requirements. A guarantee of excellence, offering treasures to be discovered. It is no coincidence that 13 municipalities in the Langhe Monferrato Roero area, a treasure trove of history and authenticity, have been awarded the prestigious recognition.


From North to South: a journey to discover villages flying the sustainability flag.

All you have to do now is go in search of these thirteen flags, which ideally wave proudly in the municipalities that have earned them, a symbol of attention to cultural heritage, history and the environment. Starting from Cocconato, in the northernmost part of the Astigiano area, all the way down to Bergolo, in the Alta Langa on the border with Liguria, where the air smells of the sea, passing through the UNESCO Core Zones and following an itinerary that will take you to the most evocative and enjoyable places, amidst traditions, knowledge and the ever-present flavours.


Discover all Orange Flag villages