Lively and charming, thanks to its architectural variety resulting from the combination of styles and histories, Asti deserves to be discovered slowly, starting from its origins.

As you stroll around the walls and towers, the Roman domus, the crypts, you will stumble across medieval remains and be spellbound by the elegance of the noble residences of the 18th century.

A city that, under the foundations of medieval and baroque palaces, preserves its distant origins and yet has been able to renew itself over the centuries: Asti tells about itself through its streets, in every corner of its precious old town, in the countless events that enliven the squares and through its network of historical and artistic sites, enhanced and promoted by public and private entities.

The city tour will be a journey through ups and downs, towers and crypts, banquet halls and alcoves. It will take you back in time to explore different eras and, to the most discerning eyes and sensitive spirits, will tell about the glories, wars, decadence and rebirths. 

Just step into Palazzo Mazzetti, reach the gallery of coats of arms and immerse yourself in Baussano's table: this is Asti in the 14th century. Your journey could start right here, from that decumanus and the maze of narrow streets dotted with towers and fortified houses. Can you hear the horses' hooves echoing through the streets? The sounds of cart wheels and the merchants’s voices? The heavy dresses of the ladies rubbing against the pavement?

And if, after Palazzo Mazzet,ti you want to find out more, please make sure you register for the smart ticket which give you the possibility to visit several sites with a single ticket. You will have access to the Crypt of Sant'Anastasio, the elegant Palazzo Alfieri, the birthplace of the famous playwright which now hosts a museum dedicated to him, as well as the exhibition halls of the Foundation set up to pay tribute to the work of the great stage designer Eugenio Guglielminetti. You will have a chance to reach the Roman domus to rest your gaze on the imposing Cathedral dell'Assunta, experience the thrill of climbing the Troyana Tower.

Take advantage of the smart ticket so you don't miss out on any of this magnificence.

Asti and its museums were and still are a bouquet of sensations, elegance and freshness just like the bubbles of the sparkling wine that bears its name. The wine for joyful moments, the wine for celebrations and important occasions. Everywhere in the world. The people of Asti are proud of this, and they are equally proud of the history of their beautiful city, of its illustrious citizens who made it famous worldwide, and of its traditions which are still an endless source of emotions.


Visit the Museums of Asti with the Asti Smart Ticket