Moving from underground to almost touching the sky: engaging urban experiences.

Not just food and wine, but history, art and culture are also awaiting you in the towns and villages of Langhe Monferrato Roero. All you have to do is take part in one or more themed tours: there is a vast and varied range of proposals. You can either choose to immerse yourself in the most ancient history by being guided into the bowels of the historic cities on one of the routes that run under the streets, or you can get as high as you can go by climbing up the towers or bell towers to enjoy the landscapes from the best possible views. So, set out in search of Alba Magica and let yourself be captivated by its mysteries. Climb up the most impressive towers and the bell tower of San Lorenzo Cathedral to admire the city from a height of 45 metres.Then, wander through the streets of Alba Pompeia to learn about the exploits of Emperor Pertinax, discover the 16th-century Alba and the masterpieces of Macrinus and, finally, take part in theatrical tours where you will be guided by the protagonists of times gone by… 


Themed tours organized with passion and by hospitality professionals.

What else? Well, if you're up to speed, you can opt for a tour on a scooter or electric bike, and if you like to try your hand at photography, you can take advantage of the photo walks, where you'll have a professional photographer with you as well as an area expert to give you technical advice on how to get the perfect shot.


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