Each museum, even the smallest one, holds a treasure.

Each museum is a gift to all visitors, it is a wealth of knowledge arranged to enhance the lives of the visitors who will come to these hills.

These museums are never too big, on the contrary they are often small treasure chests containing “pearls” of history and traditions to be tasted just like a precious vintage wine. They should be visited slowly, taking the time to reciprocate, with utmost care, the love lavished on them by those who manage and preserve these places of culture. They should be fully enjoyed by taking part in the countless activities designed to turn your journey into an intriguing experience: themed and guided tours, talks with experts, in-depth analysis. as well as recreational and educational activities to share with your fellow travellers. Get involved in one of the many activities organized to make your visit dynamic, interactive and entertaining; also the kids have their own space and this is going to be an exciting experience for the whole family.

From painting to sculpture, from archaeology to palaeontology, from folklore to popular traditions, from photography to magic, not to mention the local products, first and foremost wine and the art of wine-making: there is a wide range of cultural repositories ready to be discovered and experienced.


Here you will find the museum that best suits your interests.

Browse through all the tour offers, including guided tours, and make sure you do not miss the temporary international exhibitions which enliven the cultural life of the cities in Langhe Monferrato Roero.


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