An important birthday deserves a top-class present.

It was the most appreciated gift the International Alba White Truffle Fair has ever received. It was delivered in 2020 to mark its first 90 years and it is already one of the most popular venues for the great festival that enlivens the Langhe in autumn. We are talking about the "Truffle Hub" which, in its spectacular location at Roddi Castle, welcomes visitors from all over the world, attracted by the possibility of learning the secrets of international chefs and renowned sommeliers. An additional space in which to enjoy experiences of the highest level and undisputed quality where truffles are the main protagonist along a high-tech journey where history, culture, art and food and wine are combined to offer emotions.

Roddi Castle, a hub of excellence.

A prestigious venue designed to tell the story of the area and its traditions, but above all to communicate with the world in an innovative and sustainable way. The Castle of Roddi hosts a modern cooking school with high-tech cooking stations to fully enjoy an immersive experience into the world of the truffle. A dialogue that goes beyond the Truffle Fair, embracing tradition and innovation and providing a permanent showcase for local and regional delicacies: top-level events that enliven these historic settings and make the Langhe the driving force behind a new wine and food culture, with an eye to the past but looking ahead to a bright future with challenges to be accepted and won.