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Sie haben gesucht (Museum) im Land von Langhe, Monferrato, Roero


MuDi – Diocesan Museum

Piazza Rossetti, Alba (CN) 12051

An extraordinary space-time portal for a journey through the city's ancient history.

Set up in 2012, the MuDi - Museo Diocesano della Cattedrale (Diocesan Museum of the Cathedral), was created as a result of a campaign of archaeological excavations that brought to…


Federico Eusebio Civic Museum

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 19, Alba (CN) 12051

Different eras and distant time frames: a journey through Alba's history.

A broad forehead, a severe gaze and two bizarre little curved moustaches in the style of Dali reveal all his creative verve. Federico Eusebio was born in Alba in 1852 to a family originally…

Place of historical interest

Palazzo Alfieri

Corso Alfieri, 375, Asti (AT) 14100

“In the city of Asti in Piedmont, on the 17th day of January in the year 1749, I was born to noble, wealthy and honourable relatives” (V. Alfieri)

Asti was his city, where he lived his childhood years and where he developed his indomitable yet melancholic character…

Nature Site/Nature

Fossil Museum

Corso Alfieri, 381, Asti (AT) 14100

A show that has been going on in Asti for five million years. Welcome to the Fossil Museum.

Sailing in a sea that no longer exists and trying to imagine a world far away, but which was as real as it was pernicious. It is the world in which Tersilla lived, the whale…

Place of historical interest

Palazzo Mazzetti

Corso Alfieri, 357, Asti (AT) 14100

Palazzo Mazzetti: a museum of itself and of the Asti culture.

People have always known that it was one of the most beautiful buildings in Asti. Time had turned it into a building full of art, but lacking any appeal and a privilege for a few connoisseurs. It took all…


Corkscrew Museum

Piazza Mazzocchi, 4, Barolo (CN) 12060

There is a sound that more than any other brings joy and creates expectations. It is that "pop" that we hear every time we open a bottle of wine.

To open a bottle of wine is a sort of ceremony, and like all rituals, it creates something magical. Have you ever noticed…


WiMu - Wine Museum

Piazza Falletti, 1, Barolo (CN) 12060

The story of a castle, a noble woman and her insights into wine-making.

If you say Barolo, you immediately think of great wine. You also think of a splendid castle, the Langhe and the landscape. This is true, but it is not enough. The word Barolo should also remind…



Strada Fey, 1, Bra (CN) 12042

A tree, its fruit, a hillock and friars in convalescence: the Zizzola, i. e. the House of Braidesi.

An elegant villa with an octagonal plan that, like a lighthouse, stands on the top of a hill and watches over the town of Bra and the surrounding hills. A strange name…


Toy Museum

Via Ernesto Guala, 45, Bra (CN) 12042

"Play is older than culture" (J. Huizinga).

Play is present in every society and in all eras, it is part of humankind and the whole of nature. All the major human activities are entwined with the game rules: language, myth, worship, justice, "human civilization…

Castelnuovo don Bosco

Colle Don Bosco

Frazione Morialdo, 30, Castelnuovo don Bosco (AT) 14022

A Saint and his hills: Don Bosco, the places of his childhood and vocation.

A hilly area known for excellent wines, but not everyone is aware that these lands have given birth to men and women who have gone down in history for their spirituality and social commitment…


Museum of Magic

Via Cavour, 33/35, Cherasco (CN) 12062

Priest by vocation, magician by passion: Don Silvio Mantelli and the Cherasco Museum of Magic.

There is a main door, at number 35, Via Cavour in Cherasco, which opens onto the realm of fantasy and magic. It is the realm of Don Silvio Mantelli, known as Mago Sales who…

Cisterna d'Asti

Castle of Cisterna d'Asti

Piazza Maggiore Hope, 1, Cisterna d'Asti (AT) 14010

A castle, many stories and the timeless charm of lost trades.

Objects that have stories to tell. They speak of ancient skills, of arts and above all of the people whose passion, sacrifice and dedication have made this land great. A castle that has been converted from…

Grinzane Cavour

Castle of Grinzane Cavour

Via Castello, 5, Grinzane Cavour (CN) 12060

If you say Langhe you think of it, with its reassuring outlines and the colours that encompass it.

The Grinzane Cavour Castle, symbol of a land and its ingenious people, is the only single heritage of the UNESCO site of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato Vineyard Landscapes…

Magliano Alfieri

Castle of Magliano Alfieri

Via Alfieri, 6, Magliano Alfieri (CN) 12050

A valley with its commercial life and a castle that overlooks it from above and, like an eagle, protects it.

It is the eagle of the Alfieri family, the symbol of a powerful family, whose pride was wounded by slander, but then returned to fight for its ideals and…


Montanari Gallery of Modern Art

Via Caccia, 5, Moncalvo (AT) 14036

A small treasure chest full of art nestled in the Monferrato area.

Not everyone knows that Moncalvo gave birth to a very important Italian diplomat who was one of the most influential protagonists in the turbulent days that led to the end of the Second World War…

Art site
Nizza Monferrato

Art 900

Via Crova, 2, Nizza Monferrato (AT) 14049

Davide Lajolo Collection of Contemporary Art.

"...culture is the fruit of a history that begins before us and will continue after us. By being born, we are part of a millenary dialogue, begun by our ancestors and projected every day between present and future." (L…


Wine Experience Museum

Via Umberto I, 115, Priocca (CN) 12040

Tantalize the senses, discover everything about wine in an entertaining, multimedia and involving way.

Priocca, a village in the heart of Roero, can be seen from afar: its 40-metre high bell tower is a distinctive feature. This village, enclosed between two rivers,…

Grinzane Cavour

Museum im Weinberg

Via Castello, 5, Grinzane Cavour (CN) 12060
Moncucco Torinese

Schloss von Moncucco Torinese

Via DeJeronimis, 1, Moncucco Torinese (AT) 14024

Museo del Gesso  c/o Castello dei Grisella di Moncucco Torinese


Ausstellung von alte Handwerkszünfte

Piazza della Chiesa, 1, Alba (CN) 12051

Mostra-Museo “Conservare il Passato” - Museo delle Arti e Mestieri Antichi, Patrimonio dei Storia e di Valori