Once upon a time there were soldiers and emperors, nobles and bishops, ladies and knights and, along with them jugglers, magicians and great artists...

Their stories are kept alive today in the Castles and Museums of Langhe Monferrato and Roero, enchanted places suitable for children, which have become true engines of culture where you can discover local art, history and traditions. They provide entertaining ways to tell children about the history of these hills and are equipped for visits in total relaxation. A visit to the Castles and Museums with the youngest members of the family is an experience that adds value to the day, creates complicity and stimulates interest.




Castles that have become museums that are not merely collections of objects, but which come alive in an interactive and dynamic way.

Like the Cisterna d'Asti Castle, Museum of Arts and Crafts of bygone days where, apparently, a little dragon called Cedri is said to be living there.Hiding in the dungeons of the castle, it only appears when a few small visitors enter the great manor house to accompany families on a journey into the intangible culture and ancient crafts which are featured in the large rooms of the museum. There are also castles that have had many lives and nowadays provide emotional and sensory journeys. This is the case of the Castle of Barolo, whose twenty-five rooms welcome young and old alike on a real journey through the culture and tradition of wine. At the WiMu - Wine Museum in Barolo there are plenty of facilities for families, and the entire museum itinerary can also be accessed with pushchairs.




Museums and art galleries that also serve as workshops where you can learn to appreciate history and art in all its expressions.

Entertaining, stimulating and creative paths, where visiting becomes an interactive journey, with the assistance of guides specialized in entertainment and education. Don't miss the dedicated workshops held at the MuDi (Diocesan Museum) and the F. Eusebio Civic Museum in Alba; don't miss the Family Days organized by the Fondazione Musei di Asti at Palazzo Mazzetti and other civic museums.

Fairytale places...

What about places specifically designed to delight children? Have you ever heard of Mago Sales and his Magic Museum in Cherasco? An enchanted and joyful space where you can spend happy moments with the whole family. And if you really want to spellbind and awaken your inner child, head towards Bra and enter the Toy Museum: This is a unique opportunity to bring back memories and carefree moments from days gone by and to show today's children the simplicity and at the same time the wide range of toys with which past generations used to play.Let yourself be captivated by the poetry of Mago Sales and discover the beauty of old-fashioned toys, including antique cars, rag dolls, comic books and theatres in Bra's wonderful toy kingdom.


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