Where there is culture there are stories. About wine, people and traditions.

The past has left behind artistic beauties, medieval castles and ancient churches which nowadays offer itineraries of great interest. It is an invaluable heritage to be explored as you browse through the book of history, page after page.

Wander through ancient festivals, immerse yourself in local folklore, attend the most fashionable fairs and festivals in a land where, between tradition and innovation, the key is to party. Nevertheless, these lands steeped in memory also shine through stories, works of art and within the pages of great books.


Choose which museum to visit first. Room after room you will discover the treasures of history and art.

The Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles in-between rural engineering and the charm of nature.

Towers and castles dating back to the Middle Ages or refined by Baroque artistry stand out against incomparable views

From square to square, from village to village, architectural masterpieces ranging from the Romanesque to the Baroque and the Gothic style follow one another and deliver you moments of absolute pleasure, as it feels good just to stand still and watch them.

The style ranges from the essential Romanesque architecture of the precious and harmonious Vezzolano Abbey which, according to legend was built at the behest of Charlemagne, down to the redundant Piedmontese Baroque style, clearly visible in the Royal Residences of the Savoy family. But you will also be impressed by the excellent expressions of Gothic architecture in the works of Schellino in Dogliani and in the Cathedral of Asti, one of the largest religious buildings in Piedmont.

All about culture. Choose your menu... Wander through the halls of a castle, stroll around open-air museums or choose one of the Langhe Monferrato Roero recreational tours.

Experienced local guides will tell the secrets of palaces, collections and temporary exhibitions. Both adults and children will be involved in the discovery of art and museums with dedicated and comprehensive activities.

Escape rooms, recreational game-visits to challenge you through questions and riddles. Days dedicated to searching for fossils in specific laboratories, archaeological museums to discover that the sea once existed here, nature hikes to relax in nature. And finally, a multisensory experience or a themed visit to a wine museum to learn about the drink that has been shaping the history, culture and tradition of a whole population and territory for centuries.

Langhe Monferrato Roero is also a land “to be read”. Some of the most refined writers of the 20th century were actually born here: Cesare Pavese, Beppe Fenoglio, Davide Lajolo, Augusto Monti, Giovanni Arpino, Gina Lagorio and Maria Tarditi. Their pages are steeped in this territory, and should be still rediscovered nowadays.

The villages and old towns of Langhe Monferrato Roero open their doors to the charm of history.

Take time to explore all the places, listen to an archaeologist tell the story of the city beneath your feet. Venture into the old towns of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Neive, Monforte d'Alba, Cocconato, Mombaldone. You will have the chance to meet the local people, hear their legends, be spellbound by the stories as you walk through the alleys in search of mysteries and fantastic tales.

Look around and you will experience unique emotions ready to become wonderful memories. These areas are rich in culture and they fascinate with their traditions tied to games and tales from the past as well as with the works of great contemporary artists. 

From the Palio of Asti, the oldest in Italy with its parade involving over 1200 walk-ons, to the medieval parade prior to the Donkey Palio in Alba and also to the Wine Barrel Race in Nizza Monferrato: there is a rich menu to please every palate, from the simplest to the most refined ones.

David Tremlett's colourful little churches, Chris Bangle's giant benches, which are part of the Big Bench Community Project, the open-air art parks or the Pastels vineyard in Coazzolo are only a few examples of how Langhe Monferrato Roero is also a source of inspiration to renowned contemporary artists.

Langhe Monferrato Roero, a land rich in traditions to discover, experiencing the territory "from within".

The hills often hide unexpected treasures. So it happens that on any day you can find in the square young and old intent on playing together a sport of the past and you can be passionate about complex and brillant rules. Or you could end up in the middle of a re-enactment in vintage clothes, or, again, enchanted by the melodies of the popular song that used to animate the bourgs. And why not? Being welcomed in the atelier of local artists to observe them at work, see how the land from which they come speaks in their works, how they open their hearts telling you their story. Let yourself be carried away in the atmosphere that is normal here, to which you are accustomed since you were a child, but which, perhaps, generates wonder to your eyes. Allow yourself the luxury of stopping by, let yourself be conquered by many small traditions that will offer a true indigenous experience.