Barolo Regional Wine Centre

Barolo is like a novel.

Its story must age and grow in silence and only after a long period of time spent waiting and refining will it be ready to deliver emotions. Full-bodied, intense and with a personality that stands out: it is no coincidence that everyone knows it as the “King of Wines”, loved for its structure and character, but above all for the culture and tradition that it conveys with every sip, Barolo wine is one of those rare excellences that expresses the local area and the work that has generated it in a genuine and sincere way. We might say that it is a patient wine, after all, it waits years before it can express itself, but it is also grateful because it conveys all the beauty of the hills where it was born and the passion of those who have cared for it to make it so good and precious.


Via Acqua Gelata - Barolo
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A denomination that brings prestige to the Langhe and to the whole of Italy: its story goes hand in hand with the story of the birth of a Nation.

Surprisingly, Barolo began to make its way in the world during the most vibrant years of Italian history, and behind this rise, in addition to the noble Falletti family, marquises and bankers who were also dedicated to the production of Nebbiolo grapes, there was Camillo Benso Count of Cavour and his French friend, oenologist Louis Oudart: a strong passion, some great insights, a compliant nature and the feminine touch of Countess Giulia Falletti di Barolo, and this wine began to conquer the palates of powerful people and royalty, especially those beyond the Alps who endorsed the Italian uprisings that led to the unification of the country.



Enoteca Regionale del Barolo

History and legends, all enclosed in a goblet that releases fruity, floral and spicy notes.

This and much more is what you will discover when you cross the threshold of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo (Barolo Regional Wine Centre), right at the foot of that castle where the history of a great wine was made, and probably also that of a nation. This is the realm of the king of wines, where you can taste, under the guidance of expert connoisseurs, more than 120 labels from different vintages and producers, or you can taste a selection of wines yourself, conveniently served from dispensers that you can activate with a prepaid card. And if you have time, you can attend one of the many events scheduled throughout the year: it will be a fun way to enter the realm of Barolo, in all its forms.

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