Rocche del Roero

Rocche del Roero: an exciting geology.


We are in the Roero area, that stretch of land that overlooks the Langa on one side and slopes towards the plain and Turin on the other. Hilltop villages that stand out amidst woods, vineyards, rolling hills and something which, at first glance, seems to be sheer gorges that plunge into the void, whereas it is a geological phenomenon to be explored: the Rocche. An 11-kilometre-long crack in the land, which starts just outside Bra and goes as far as Cisterna d'Asti, real canyons that are suddenly revealed.They are the result of the  so calle “capture of the Tanaro river”, which diverted its course some 250,000 million years ago, changing the geological balance of the land that had recently emerged from the sea and creating the chasms that we can still enjoy today.




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Rocche dettaglio

Today they are giving us an open-air geology lesson: strata, sand, spires and caves.

They are nearly touching all the hilltop villages in the area, they appear around a bend, a small church or a farmhouse, they ravish you with their gaze, they turn all shades of ochre at sunset. They can be "experienced" by simply driving around, admiring them from the many panoramic balconies scattered throughout the villages, walking alongside them or cycling along them, thanks to the wide range of outdoor activities organized by the Rocche Ecomuseum. Just a piece of advice: the Rocche are a fragile ecosystem, to be enjoyed in a delicate way, as one does with a precious treasure, so that you will find them even more beautiful on your next trip to Langhe Monferrato Roero.



Picnic area
L'oasi della Ghia, insieme alla Rocca di Soffranio, creano l'anfiteatro più spettacolare dell'intero sistema.

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