Langhe Safari Park

Every morning, in the Langa, a lion wakes up and knows that...


He now that he has to do some grooming to look beautiful, he has to fix his mane, make his canine teeth shine and his claws glisten. Every morning in the Langa a lion knows that many people will soon come to see him and take pictures of him, and he will have to show off all his beauty. We are in Murazzano, more specifically in the Langhe Safari Park where, apart from the lion who, just between us, is a bit vain, you can also see many other animals born and bred in the park, which for decades, in its 40 hectares set on gentle slopes, has been home to a variety of wild European and tropical animals.


Frazione Rea - Murazzano
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A pleasant excursion, a way to discover distant worlds and begin to understand how precious and fascinating the animal kingdom is.

It will be a highly educational moment for young kids, but the wonder will surely affect also grown-ups. A place in the countryside where, after driving over 4 kilometres through the areas hosting the largest and also slightly more unsociable specimens, you can also take a break and enjoy a pleasant and relaxing walk in nature surrounded by an incredible variety of plants, all waiting to be discovered. Also worth a visit is the reptile house, where you can learn more about the habits and characteristics of snakes, curious insects, amphibians and fish.



An enriching experience, which is both cultural and exciting.

Wide open spaces and a route that can be travelled safely by car, watching the strength of our friend the lion and some splendid specimens of tigers, jaguars, bison, hippopotamus, wolves, zebras, lynx, ostriches, alpacas and... many others. Contact with nature and the project to safeguard these species are the best way to educate children to respect and protect the animal and plant kingdom.

Monday: 10:00-18:00 Ultimo ingresso alle ore 17:00
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 10:00-18:00 Ultimo ingresso alle ore 17:00
Thursday: 10:00-18:00 Ultimo ingresso alle ore 17:00
Friday: 10:00-18:00 Ultimo ingresso alle ore 17:00
Saturday: 10:00-18:00 Ultimo ingresso alle ore 17:00
Sunday: 10:00-18:00 Ultimo ingresso alle ore 17:00
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Chiuso: martedì

Opening time
Da aprile ad ottobre
Special opening

Nei mesi invernali il Parco Safari delle Langhe, in caso di condizioni meteo favorevoli, potrebbe essere aperto la domenica e festivi dalle 10 alle 17 (ultimo ingresso ore 16.00)

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16 €
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Tra i 2 e i 12 anni
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