Educational Truffle Grounds

Truffle school: the ambitious truffle grounds and nature trails project.


Creativity, inventiveness and a great love for this land and its excellence. These are the key elements at the basis of the projects, some of which have already been carried out, others in the process of being developed, aiming to set up places for the study and knowledge of truffles, i.e. educational truffle grounds. Spaces where you can immerse yourself in nature and discover all the secrets behind one of the most precious and renowned fruits of this land: the Alba White Truffle. These initiatives have several different goals, primarily scientific, as these sites are candidates for becoming open-air laboratories to carry out research and analysis.Furthermore, there is a desire to create reserves to protect the woodlands. Finally, there is a vision that looks to the future, to young people: the truffle grounds have an educational purpose to bring students of all levels closer to truffles and the ecosystem in which they find the best conditions for their growth. 



Località Val Tesio - Vezza d'Alba,

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tartufaia didattica

A desire to talk about oneself, to share curious facts and emotions

Projects created to reveal everything about this precious fruit, the role of the "Trifolao" (the truffle hunter) and its faithful "Tabui", the little dog with an infallible sense of smell which, after suitable training, will be ready to bring to light the fragrant hypogeal mushrooms. The truffle hunters will be the main protagonists of the experiences in the truffle grounds: there will be simulated truffle hunts, competitions between hunters and dogs, botany lessons and many other pleasant activities to enjoy with friends or family.

Picnic area
Themed visits
Possibilità di svolgere la ricerca simulata del tartufo.
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