Lunetta 11

A place where all the arts meet, to recharge their batteries and maybe even chat a little bit.


This creative hermitage is located in a hamlet of Mombarcaro. A hamlet amidst the woods of the Alta Langa created in the 17th century with stone houses poetically arranged in the shape of a crescent moon. A happy ending for this small hamlet, abandoned in the last century and brought back to life thanks to the initiative and insight of the descendants of the famous Turin painter Francesco Menzio, who was also a great lover of the Langa, where he used to take refuge for inspiration. And so, in 2014, Eva Menzio, Francesco Pistoi (aka Dj Pisti, musician and record producer) and Claudia Zunino came to Mombarcaro, bought a farmhouse, renovated it and gave life to Lunetta 11: a contemporary art gallery and a place for artistic experimentation and meetings.

Frazione Lunetta, 11 - Mombarcaro
lunetta 11 dettaglio sculture

Shared sensitivity, a spellbinding place and a great passion.

The woods are populated with sculptures, young artists find a place to exhibit, music is being planned, studied and spread gently through the leafy branches of a green forest. A creative hotbed of ideas that also houses a reading club. An all-round artistic project where the local area and the explosive nature of the Langa, with its sounds and scents, are key elements that enrich the exhibitions, meetings and countless other events planned in this moon-shaped place that gently glows with the reflected light of enlightened souls. 

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