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Connections born by chance, but destined to last over time: Tremlett and the Langhe, a love that is renewed with each work.

It is the most recent, the youngest of four sisters, but this is certainly the British artist's work that most impresses with its ability to create a continuum between the ancient and modern times. Tremlett's work in the Oratory of San Michele, a gem built in the 13th century and renovated several times over the years, is a harmonious interaction between the remarkable 15th-century frescoes and contemporary art: its geometric shapes drawn with the technique of wall drawing, the colours chosen by the artist, fully enhance the whole building and highlight the beauty of the cross vault and the newer wooden truss span.

Piazza Luigi Ravina - Serravalle Langhe
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A village with a long history to tell, set amidst charming landscapes and memorable events.

Serravalle Langhe is a small village set in the Alta Langa, which appears as a panoramic terrace from its 762 metres above sea level. Barbarians and partisans ploughed its lands, the village had a glorious past at the time of the French Revolution: the first liberty tree was erected by the Jacobins on its square. A community of less than four hundred inhabitants, yet ready to accept the challenges of modern life.  Tremlett, who was contacted by the Mayor to redesign the old chapel, has arrived in 2019 and once again impresses with his colours and geometries, taking visitors by the hand and immersing them in an unreal space-time. But there is more: in the centre of Serravalle, Tremlett also renovated the façade of the Boeri Home for the elderly as a tribute to its guests.

Quadro ex oratorio san michele

A state of mind that is well suited to those views of the Langa framed by the windows.

The chapel of the Oratory of San Michele can be visited any day because it has been included in the project " Open-door churches": access is automated and thanks to an App it is possible to access these enchanting spaces. 

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