Art Park La Court

La Court can be seen from afar, with its unmistakable cypress trees that convey a relaxing and contemplative atmosphere.


An ancient estate that dates back to 1800 and boasts over 20 hectares of vines set on two gentle hills. Just one of many? Not really, on the contrary, it is a unique place where nature, landscape, man's labour and art coexist and offer a unique experience. Excellent wines (a Nizza DOCG is produced here), a UNESCO recognition to be proud of, but also a vision and a love for these hills that have inspired the Chiarlo family who, in 2003, created an open-air monument here to enchant visitors from all over the world: the Art Park La Court in Castelnuovo Calcea.

Via Cocito, 30 - Castelnuovo Calcea

One of the first "oases" of land art in a vineyard ever created in Italy: a perfect celebration of wine, landscape and contemporary art.

Art for everyone, in an area that has always been well aware of the meaning and value of innovation and sharing. The project was developed under the direction of the artist Giancarlo Ferraris and with the collaboration of Emanuele Luzzati, who designed the structure of the park, which is divided into thematic areas dedicated to the four elements of nature. And it is on these themes that artists of the likes of Ugo Nespolo, Chris Bangle, Balthasar Brennenstuhl, Dedo Roggero Fossati, Peppino Campanella, Giancarlo Ferraris, Fabio Albino Cavanna and Marcello Mannuzza and, of course, Luzzati himself have agreed to express themselves.

quadro La Court

A journey through art and nature to be covered slowly and enjoyed on foot, by bike or by eBike.

Art Park La Court is an old estate, yet constantly evolving: every year it is enriched with new works of art and new installations including, most recently, the permanent photographic exhibition set up to celebrate the grape harvests (from 1997 to 2007) and to pay tribute to the great wines that grow on these harmonious hillsides.

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