Trekking - GTL

GTL - Variant 16A

A variation of the GTL, this section takes you down from the crest of Serravalle and back up to the crest of Feisoglio and Cravanzana. It starts at Bricco San Michele along the section that runs from Serravalle to Cerretto Langhe.


From the centre of Serravalle Langhe, continue along the main highway in the direction of Bossolasco until you reach the crossroads for the hamlet of Villa. Continue to the left along the crest of the hill until you pass a farm. Right after the next farmhouse, head down off of the crest along a dirt road to the right. After running along the retaining wall of the farmhouse, this road enters the woods and continues down to an intersection on the crest. Turn left and cross a gorge. After a short climb, head down to the left. This road, which still has its stone retaining wall in places, heads down after a number of switchbacks to the base of the Belbo Valley. Cross the ample field in the centre of the valley and continue on to the vegetation marking the next hillside. Turn right and head up until you reach the Belbo river. Cross it and head up the opposite bank along a road that runs alongside a hazelnut grove to the right and up to the old Feisoglio mill. Continue up between the farmhouses to a wayside shrine and then through vast hazelnut groves to the church of San Rocco.

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Head down to the right for a few metres and then back up towards the village, which you can now see in the distance. Right after a small rest area, cross the main highway and continue on for a few metres to the left, where you will find a faint, old stone trail that heads up to the right and which will take you to Cascina Moretto, then right back to the main highway. Head up to the right and then immediately to the left through the houses and alongside the remains of the castle walls. Turn left again and you will soon reach the village square.

Situated atop a rolling crest along the right side of the Belbo Valley, Feisoglio overlooks Serravalle (or Villa, to be precise). This long strip of village runs parallel to the massive Church of San Lorenzo, which looms over the village in the same way the castle surely once did just to the south, although now only a few stones of the foundation remain.

A truly incredible number of castles, towers, fortresses and churches were lost in the 16th and 17th centuries, but even more remarkable is how much remains to this day and which gives us an idea of how these hills will have appeared to a wayfaring merchant in the 1400s — a faithful representation of the Middle Ages with hundreds of castles embellishing hilltop villages, the houses of which cling to the castle walls, like children clinging to their mother. Elsewhere reduced to mere legend, the Middle Ages were a time of rival squires, their toll stations dotting the landscape, as well as of monasteries and abbeys seeking to bring order where there was only conflict, of roads that were more like mule tracks, of nearly inexistent bridges and of fields cultivated as much as was possible between the many wars and invasions and with the limited knowledge of the times and workforce made of oxen and families.

Feisoglio was no exception, sculpted by war and by the devastating plague of the 1630s, as evidenced by the current, monumental church erected by those who survived. The church incorporated a small castle chapel, the remains of the castle itself, providing both space for the new church and its building materials.





Villa (Serravalle Langhe)
6 Via Roma
Type of trail
5.1 km
Estimated Time
1:45 hours


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Point of interest along the way

Villa (Serravalle Langhe)
6 Via Roma

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    The stages of this itinerary

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    • Stop 0
      GTL - Grande Traversata delle Langhe
      Castino -> San Benedetto Belbo
      240km - Demanding - 52:00h
    • Stop 1
      GTL - Leg 1
      Castino -> Cortemilia
      8.5km - Intermediate - 2:00h
    • Stop 1
      Variant 1A
      GTL - Variant 1A
      Castino -> Santo Stefano Belbo
      14.3km - Intermediate - 4:00h
    • Stop 2
      GTL - Leg 2
      Cortemilia -> Bergolo
      5.2km - Intermediate - 1:30h
    • Stop 2
      Variant 2A
      GTL - Variant 2A
      Pezzolo Valle Uzzone -> Santuario Todocco
      5.5km - Intermediate - 1:35h
    • Stop 2
      Variant 2B
      GTL - Variant 2B
      Cortemilia -> Bric della Croce (Perletto)
      5km - Easy - 1:45h
    • Stop 3
      GTL - Leg 3
      Bergolo -> Prunetto
      9.2km - Intermediate - 2:40h
    • Stop 3
      Variant 3A
      GTL - Variant 3A
      Bergolo -> Pezzolo Valle Uzzone
      3.1km - Intermediate - 35m
    • Stop 3
      Variant 3B
      GTL - Variant 3B
      Bergolo -> Torre Bormida
      6.2km - Intermediate - 1:25h
    • Stop 4
      GTL - Leg 4
      Prunetto -> Gottasecca
      7.5km - Intermediate - 2:10h
    • Stop 4
      Variant 4A
      GTL - Variant 4A
      Prunetto -> Monesiglio
      9.7km - Intermediate - 2:05h
    • Stop 4
      Variant 4B
      GTL - Variant 4B
      Monesiglio -> Bricco Ronchetto (Mombarcaro)
      4.5km - Intermediate - 1:30h
    • Stop 5
      GTL - Leg 5
      Gottasecca -> Saliceto
      11.5km - Intermediate - 3:35h
    • Stop 5
      Variant 5A
      GTL - Variant 5A
      Gottasecca -> Confine Ligure
      5km - Intermediate - 1:00h
    • Stop 6
      GTL - Leg 6
      Saliceto -> Mombarcaro
      19km - Intermediate - 6:00h
    • Stop 7
      GTL - Leg 7
      Mombarcaro -> San Benedetto Belbo
      4.5km - Intermediate - 1:20h
    • Stop 7
      Variant 7A
      GTL - Variant 7A
      San Benedetto Belbo -> Murazzano
      5.5km - Intermediate - 1:45h
    • Stop 8
      GTL - Leg 8
      Murazzano -> Bossolasco
      10km - Easy - 2:45h
    • Stop 9
      GTL - Leg 9
      Bossolasco -> Serravalle Langhe
      6km - Intermediate - 1:45h
    • Stop 9
      Variant 9A
      GTL - Variant 9A
      Serravalle Langhe -> Cerretto Langhe
      7.5km - Intermediate - 1:50h
    • Stop 9
      Variant 9B
      GTL - Variant 9B
      Cerretto Langhe -> Arguello
      4.5km - Intermediate - 50m
    • Stop 9
      Variant 9C
      GTL - Variant 9C
      Arguello -> Lequio Berria
      4.5km - Intermediate - 1:25h
    • Stop 9
      Variant 9D
      GTL - Variant 9D
      Lequio Berria -> Benevello
      8km - Intermediate - 2:10h
    • Stop 10
      GTL - Leg 10
      Serravalle Langhe -> Albaretto della Torre
      5.8km - Intermediate - 1:45h
    • Stop 11
      GTL - Leg 11
      Albaretto della Torre -> Benevello
      10km - Intermediate - 2:15h
    • Stop 12
      GTL - Leg 12
      Benevello -> Pavaglione (Castino)
      4.7km - Intermediate - 1:30h
    • Stop 13
      GTL - Leg 13
      Pavaglione (Castino) -> Castino
      7.7km - Easy - 2:30h
    • Stop 13
      Variant 13A
      GTL - Variant 13A
      Pavaglione (Castino) -> San Donato (Mango)
      13.7km - Demanding - 4:00h
    • Stop 14
      GTL - Leg 14
      Castino -> Cravanzana
      7km - Intermediate - 2:50h
    • Stop 15
      GTL - Leg 15
      Cravanzana -> Feisoglio
      5.5km - Intermediate - 1:45h
    • Stop 15
      Variant 15A
      GTL - Variant 15A
      Torre Bormida -> Cravanzana
      2.8km - Intermediate - 45m
    • Stop 15
      Variant 15B
      GTL - Variant 15B
      Bric del Cucco (Cravanzana) -> Torre Bormida
      5.7km - Easy - 1:50h
    • Stop 16
      GTL - Leg 16
      Feisoglio -> Niella Belbo
      5.4km - Intermediate - 1:45h
    • Stop 16
      Variant 16A
      GTL - Variant 16A
      Villa (Serravalle Langhe) -> Feisoglio
      5.1km - Intermediate - 1:45h
    • Stop 17
      GTL - Leg 17
      Niella Belbo -> San Benedetto Belbo
      5.5km - Intermediate - 1:20h

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