Trekking - GTL

GTL - Leg 2

An uphill section starting in Cortemilia and the surrounding hazelnut groves and finishing in Bergolo, the epitome of a stone village.


As you leave this historic village of Cortemilia, whose fate is so inextricably linked with the hazelnut, protagonist of an annual festival, head out in the direction of Bergolo. From Piazza Savona, at the corner with Via Cavour, take the tiny Via Langhe and head up to the right. Cross the main highway to Bergolo and follow along Via Martiri di Bologna until you find an old farmhouse. Head up to the right and then, past the apartment buildings, continue up along the gravel road to the left. At an intersection, continue up along the faint, central trail, which crosses over to the woods.

After a couple of steep curves, you will reach a wide gravel road that climbs up to a paved road. Turn left and continue along the flat for about 300 metres (984 ft), then leave this road and head along a dirt trail to the right. Past a few terraces, continue along the flat until a lovely dry-stone wall. Cross the next stream and then climb steeply out of the woods. Continue along the cultivated fields until you reach the courtyard of an isolated farmhouse. Go around this courtyard to the right and come out into the curve of a gravel road. Follow this road to the left for a few metres, then leave the road at the curve to continue along a flat dirt road. At the next crossroads, head to the left to stay on the older route for a long, flat section in the woods until you find a more evident dirt road. Make a sharp turn to the right and continue along the natural amphitheatre of the hillside, which was once cultivated with vineyards.

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A couple of curves will take you to the lovely Fontana farmhouse. The road will turn to gravel and take you to the crest of the hill. Ignore the first road on the right (which heads up to Bricco delle Forche, where there are the ancient remains of a watchtower), then take the central road at the next fork. Bending to the left in the woods, you will reach the hillcrest marked by a wood cross, followed by the remarkable Romanesque church dedicated to San Sebastiano in its panoramic location overlooking Bergolo.

The medieval section essentially makes up the entirety of this town of fewer than seventy inhabitants, one of the smallest in all the Langhe in both population and surface area. Historically always bound to the nearby Cortemilia, from which the marquises exercised their influence over all the nearby fiefdoms, the village lost its castle during the late Middle Ages. However, on the whole it remains an intact architectural unit, particularly in terms of construction materials, which essentially means Langhe stone, hence the town’s nickname: “Paese di Pietra” (Village of Stone). Over the last forty years, Bergolo has been battling the same depopulation that has afflicted the more distant valleys, particularly through investment in culture, which has made the town a sort of oasis of art and music and has attracted tourists and other investments from around Europe. With events like “Canté Magg” (a return to the rural tradition of springtime folk singing and dancing), “Via del Sale” (contemporary art installations from here to the sea) and “Sapori della Pietra” (wining and dining featuring local delicacies), and the great many murals that have embellished the streets of town over the years, Bergolo has always been able to feel much larger than it might appear at first glance.

At the end of the day, villages like Bergolo don’t require much explaining. Just head up to the extraordinary Cemetery Church of San Sebastiano, a Romanesque jewel surrounded by a few remaining headstones as if taken right out of a Mary Shelley novel, and then gaze down upon the nine stones of the new Ezra Pound Memorial to get a feel for the poetry that the Langhe can offer up to those who know where to look.






Corso Teatro
Type of trail
5.2 km
Estimated Time
1:30 hours


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Point of interest along the way

Corso Teatro
12074 Cuneo
12074 Cuneo

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The stages of this itinerary

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  • Stop 0
    GTL - Grande Traversata delle Langhe
    Castino -> San Benedetto Belbo
    240km - Demanding - 52:00h
  • Stop 1
    GTL - Leg 1
    Castino -> Cortemilia
    8.5km - Intermediate - 2:00h
  • Stop 1
    Variant 1A
    GTL - Variant 1A
    Castino -> Santo Stefano Belbo
    14.3km - Intermediate - 4:00h
  • Stop 2
    GTL - Leg 2
    Cortemilia -> Bergolo
    5.2km - Intermediate - 1:30h
  • Stop 2
    Variant 2A
    GTL - Variant 2A
    Pezzolo Valle Uzzone -> Santuario Todocco
    5.5km - Intermediate - 1:35h
  • Stop 2
    Variant 2B
    GTL - Variant 2B
    Cortemilia -> Bric della Croce (Perletto)
    5km - Easy - 1:45h
  • Stop 3
    GTL - Leg 3
    Bergolo -> Prunetto
    9.2km - Intermediate - 2:40h
  • Stop 3
    Variant 3A
    GTL - Variant 3A
    Bergolo -> Pezzolo Valle Uzzone
    3.1km - Intermediate - 35m
  • Stop 3
    Variant 3B
    GTL - Variant 3B
    Bergolo -> Torre Bormida
    6.2km - Intermediate - 1:25h
  • Stop 4
    GTL - Leg 4
    Prunetto -> Gottasecca
    7.5km - Intermediate - 2:10h
  • Stop 4
    Variant 4A
    GTL - Variant 4A
    Prunetto -> Monesiglio
    9.7km - Intermediate - 2:05h
  • Stop 4
    Variant 4B
    GTL - Variant 4B
    Monesiglio -> Bricco Ronchetto (Mombarcaro)
    4.5km - Intermediate - 1:30h
  • Stop 5
    GTL - Leg 5
    Gottasecca -> Saliceto
    11.5km - Intermediate - 3:35h
  • Stop 5
    Variant 5A
    GTL - Variant 5A
    Gottasecca -> Confine Ligure
    5km - Intermediate - 1:00h
  • Stop 6
    GTL - Leg 6
    Saliceto -> Mombarcaro
    19km - Intermediate - 6:00h
  • Stop 7
    GTL - Leg 7
    Mombarcaro -> San Benedetto Belbo
    4.5km - Intermediate - 1:20h
  • Stop 7
    Variant 7A
    GTL - Variant 7A
    San Benedetto Belbo -> Murazzano
    5.5km - Intermediate - 1:45h
  • Stop 8
    GTL - Leg 8
    Murazzano -> Bossolasco
    10km - Easy - 2:45h
  • Stop 9
    GTL - Leg 9
    Bossolasco -> Serravalle Langhe
    6km - Intermediate - 1:45h
  • Stop 9
    Variant 9A
    GTL - Variant 9A
    Serravalle Langhe -> Cerretto Langhe
    7.5km - Intermediate - 1:50h
  • Stop 9
    Variant 9B
    GTL - Variant 9B
    Cerretto Langhe -> Arguello
    4.5km - Intermediate - 50m
  • Stop 9
    Variant 9C
    GTL - Variant 9C
    Arguello -> Lequio Berria
    4.5km - Intermediate - 1:25h
  • Stop 9
    Variant 9D
    GTL - Variant 9D
    Lequio Berria -> Benevello
    8km - Intermediate - 2:10h
  • Stop 10
    GTL - Leg 10
    Serravalle Langhe -> Albaretto della Torre
    5.8km - Intermediate - 1:45h
  • Stop 11
    GTL - Leg 11
    Albaretto della Torre -> Benevello
    10km - Intermediate - 2:15h
  • Stop 12
    GTL - Leg 12
    Benevello -> Pavaglione (Castino)
    4.7km - Intermediate - 1:30h
  • Stop 13
    GTL - Leg 13
    Pavaglione (Castino) -> Castino
    7.7km - Easy - 2:30h
  • Stop 13
    Variant 13A
    GTL - Variant 13A
    Pavaglione (Castino) -> San Donato (Mango)
    13.7km - Demanding - 4:00h
  • Stop 14
    GTL - Leg 14
    Castino -> Cravanzana
    7km - Intermediate - 2:50h
  • Stop 15
    GTL - Leg 15
    Cravanzana -> Feisoglio
    5.5km - Intermediate - 1:45h
  • Stop 15
    Variant 15A
    GTL - Variant 15A
    Torre Bormida -> Cravanzana
    2.8km - Intermediate - 45m
  • Stop 15
    Variant 15B
    GTL - Variant 15B
    Bric del Cucco (Cravanzana) -> Torre Bormida
    5.7km - Easy - 1:50h
  • Stop 16
    GTL - Leg 16
    Feisoglio -> Niella Belbo
    5.4km - Intermediate - 1:45h
  • Stop 16
    Variant 16A
    GTL - Variant 16A
    Villa (Serravalle Langhe) -> Feisoglio
    5.1km - Intermediate - 1:45h
  • Stop 17
    GTL - Leg 17
    Niella Belbo -> San Benedetto Belbo
    5.5km - Intermediate - 1:20h

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