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Romantic Road of Langhe Roero Region

The Langhe and Roero are a mosaic of infinite landscapes, impossible to encompass in a single glance. They are better to discover one piece at a time, following a course that allows us, little by little, to reconstruct a whole universe. The Strada Romantica of the Langhe and Roero strives to just this kind of approach: to describe a unique, yet diverse landscape, through aspects that, by tradition or suggestion know how to evoke the spirit of the whole.
At the centre of the scene are eleven stopping points which reveal the extraordinary natural and human landscape. The plot of histories and memories is set through eleven themes and the territory is interpreted through them, giving recognition to a priceless heritage.
The Strada Romantica of the Langhe and Roero was conceived to offer tourists an original travel experience, but with respect for the rhythms and spirit of the territory: this can be noticed by the structures at the panoramic points along the trail, created to allow visitors to fully enjoy the landscape that hosts them. On top of the hills or in the shade of the ancient towers, visitors will find hints and suggestions waiting for them for following their path: the “quinte informative,” information panels placed to provide details on the surrounding tourist attractions and the “cippi panoramici,”a series of display boards, recalling the sinuous form of the surrounding hills, that suggest an interpretation of the territory following the assigned theme of each stopping point, offering an original way for tourists to get to know the territory at depth, nearly becoming filled by the stories and suggestions.

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From one stopping point to the next, escorted by some of the most fascinating views in the world, you will come into contact with the jewels of this land: its flourishing wine production, truffles and hazelnuts, as well as its secular traditions, the small gems of rural architecture that adorn villages and slopes, witnesses to the feudal age made of castles and towers, and magnificent residences that look down from the most striking peaks.
The Strada Romantica of the Langhe and Roero is a physical and emotional journey: over one hundred kilometers of roads and paths that you can do by car, by bicycle, and why not, by footh to experience the real spirit of the land! Let you surprise!

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Vezza d'Alba
Via Giuseppe Mazzini
Via Piave
Type of trail
130 km


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Vezza d'Alba
Via Giuseppe Mazzini
12043 Cuneo
Via Piave
12079 Cuneo

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