MTB - Monferrato

The Walks of the High Shady Hills and Clear Hills – Leg 9

The point of departure of this stop is located in Casorzo Monferrato, a village set on top of a hill at 275 m of altitude. It is situated on the border of the province of Alessandria, where the main features of the scenery are vineyards. In fact, its economy is primarily based on agricolture with a particular attention to the cultivation of the grapevine, basic to Malvasia wine production. The population of Casorzo Monferrato has very ancient origins that date back to Celtic times; Plinio Casurciulli brought together some cheesemakers for defending the village. After him the names Casurcium or Casurtium.

Heading west for about 500 metres, you get to the intersection with via San Lodovico. Turn left and see the Casorzo Monferrato winery that has led Malvasia of Casorzo Monferrato to establish itself as one of the best Italian dessert wines. Go down the road for about 600 metres, then turn right at the intersection. You will be immersed into grape wine cultivations.

Keep going down this road surrounded by vineyards for about 1 km until reaching an ancient rural (but refurbished) house on the left. Go past the rural house, then go down the dirt road. The landscape slowly changes, alternating vineyards with fields. After about 350 metres, turn left and go straight for about 400 metres until you reach an intersection with a dirt road. Turn right. At first there are fields both on the right and the left side. Then, just farmlands on the left. After about 1 km, turn left and go down the dirt road surrounded by farmlands for about 500 metres. Leave the dirt road, turn left and then go down for about 150 m in the shade of trees.

When you are at the intersection with Via Valfossato, turn right, pass through the farmlands and hazelnut groves for about 350 metres until reaching an intersection with Strada Provinciale 14. After 300 metres take the dirt road on the right.

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After 100 metres, turn left and go straight in the woods for about 400 metres until reaching the cemetery of Viarigi.  A cypresses street, also entrance of the cemetery, leads you to Via Cavour. When you are there go straight ahead for about 300 metres until you reach an intersection. Turn left into Strada Provinciale 29 and go straight on for about 400 metres. You will see the church of San Silverio on the right, and the post office on the left. At the end of the road, you come to an intersection. Turn left and go straight ahead for about 200 metres. At the end of the stop there is a spectacular landscape of farmlands that alternates with woods and hazelnut groves.

In Viarigi there is also the famous Torre dei Segnali, brick-built 25 metres high. This tower is the symbol of the village; it appears in the coat of arms of the municipality. Originally it was a lookout tower together with the towers of Montemagno and San Salvatore Monferrato. Old texts say that this one was used for communicating by fires, smokes, and flashes of sunlight.





Casorzo Monferrato
Via Vittorio Emanuele II
Type of trail
6.7 km
Estimated Time
1:45 hours


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Casorzo Monferrato
14032 Asti
Via Vittorio Emanuele II
15041 Asti

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