MTB - Monferrato - Chiusano d'Asti

The Walks of the High Shady Hills and Clear Hills – Leg 1

Frinco, the departure of the Leg, is placed on a small hill on the right of Versa creek. It is surrounded by farmlands, vineyards, and groves. On the top of the hill stands the castle built in the 13th century. Here, there is an evocative panoramic view of the villages of Corsione, Villa San Secondo, and Montechiaro d’Asti aligned among hills northwest.

The first part of the route is on the old road that used to connect Frinco with Corsione, with views on Versa valley and the castle of Frinco. The big circular tower, which, with adjoining of three storey building, shows that the castle was built for defence reasons. Follow Strada Provinciale 92 for a short stretch. When the road becomes dirt, turn left. The route continues along an old path that passes through groves for about 700 metres. When the road becomes dirt again, go straight ahead for about 200 metres. Turn left into the paved road that leads to the inhabited area of Val Marchese. Go past it and, after about 2 km, get to the intersection with Strada Provinciale 36. Turn right into a path and go straight until reaching the intersection with Strada Serrata Boschi after 900 metres. Turn right into Strada Boschi and go straight ahead for about 600 metres. Then turn right into a path.

After 600 metres you come to the intersection with Via Montechiaro (Strada Provinciale 53). Turn right into Via Montechiaro and go straight ahead for 200 metres. Then, take the first on the left. After 400 metres the road becomes dirt and continues for about 1 km until reaching the first inhabited area along Via Madonna. Keep going straight until you reach the inhabited area of Brancalione.

Go up the slope that leads to Madonna dell’Olmetto: a path through small farmlands and old mulberry trees.

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When you are in the proximity of the inhabited area of Brancalione, turn left into a dirt road. Go down the slope towards Val Rilate, a wide valley with farmlands and gentle hills. The dirt road continues until reaching a fork. Turn right and go straight ahead for 170 metres, then turn left. Pass by many farmlands and go straight until you reach the intersection with the railway and Strada Provinciale 458.

Go straight taking Strada Provinciale 1 for about 250 metres. Then, turn right and go up the slope that leads to Chiusano for 800 metres. The route ends in Piazza Guglielmo Marconi. The City Hall of Chiusano is housed in a 19th century building. The main façade is decorated with a sundial which has the coat of arms of the municipality and some heraldic symbols of Pelletta family, village chief. The original core of Chiusano, fortified and with a spiral shape, is still visible in the historic centre thanks to the presence of a great wall located at the entrance of the village. Unfortunately, there is no trace of the castle.





Via Vittorio Emanuele II
Chiusano d'Asti
Via San Martino
Type of trail
9 km
Estimated Time
2:15 hours


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Via Vittorio Emanuele II
14039 Asti
Chiusano d'Asti
Via San Martino
14025 Asti

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