Roero Bike Tour

RBT - Variant 7A

A variation to the official RBT, this brief section takes you directly to Guarene more quickly than the longer route, making a loop around the village of Guarene.


A variation to the official RBT itinerary, this brief section takes you directly to Guarene more quickly than the longer route, making a loop around the village of Guarene. Starting from the base of the valley at the intersection with Via Sotteri, which is already in the municipality of Guarene, for this variation turn right before reaching the first homes of the village and follow along the panoramic crest of the hill towards Biano. When you reach the intersection with Via Luccio, continue straight leaving the last few homes behind you. Head up the steep climb through the vineyards in the direction of the rural church of Santo Stefano del Maso, a quaint Baroque structure at a sort of crossroads between the vineyards. Its dedication to Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr, executed in 36 AD, points to the ancient origins of the name of this place. The current structure was erected circa 1759.

From the church, turn uphill to the left and continue up through vineyards and woods along Via Santo Stefano, which will take you to the historic centre of Guarene with its castle, once the residence of the Roero Family and which has since been transformed into a luxury hotel.

Continue along Via Luccio and then Via Garibaldi to Via Alessandro Roero to complete this alternative route in the centre of the village.





Sotteri (Guarene)
Regione Sotteri
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi
Type of trail
2 km
Estimated Time
40 minutes


Along the way:

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Point of interest along the way

Sotteri (Guarene)
Regione Sotteri
12050 Cuneo
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi
12050 Cuneo

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    • Stop 0
      RBT - Roero Bike Tour
      Borbore (Vezza d'Alba) -> Vernè (Castagnito)
      112.5km - Intermediate - 33:00h
    • Stop 1
      RBT - Leg 1
      Borbore (Vezza d'Alba) -> Montà
      11.8km - Intermediate - 3:20h
    • Stop 1
      Variant 1A
      RBT - Variant 1A
      Canale -> Rocca Tagliata (Canale)
      2.7km - Intermediate - 50m
    • Stop 2
      RBT - Leg 2
      Montà -> Monteu Roero
      8.6km - Intermediate - 3:00h
    • Stop 2
      Variant 2A
      RBT - Variant 2A
      Monteu Roero -> Battagli (Vezza d'Alba)
      7km - Intermediate - 2:00h
    • Stop 3
      RBT - Leg 3
      Monteu Roero -> Pocapaglia
      14km - Intermediate - 4:30h
    • Stop 3
      Variant 3A
      RBT - Variant 3A
      Saliceto (Pocapaglia) -> San Sebastiano (Pocapaglia)
      15.7km - Easy - 4:50h
    • Stop 4
      RBT - Leg 4
      Pocapaglia -> Monticello d'Alba
      15.8km - Intermediate - 5:00h
    • Stop 5
      RBT - Leg 5
      Monticello d'Alba -> Borbore (Vezza d'Alba)
      12.5km - Intermediate - 5:20h
    • Stop 6
      RBT - Leg 6
      Borbore (Vezza d'Alba) -> Govone
      20.3km - Easy - 6:00h
    • Stop 6
      Variant 6A
      RBT - Variant 6A
      Guarene -> Castagnito
      2.6km - Easy - 45m
    • Stop 7
      RBT - Leg 7
      Govone -> Vernè (Castagnito)
      22.3km - Intermediate - 6:30h
    • Stop 7
      Variant 7A
      RBT - Variant 7A
      Sotteri (Guarene) -> Guarene
      2km - Intermediate - 40m

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