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Great Hiking in Val Cusina Path on a MTB

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The trail stretches toward Cusina brook valley, along the edging heights to descend to the brook, making hikers enjoy breath-taking nature: from a view on majestic Alps, to the coolest secret clefts of the brook and the surrounding woods.
The Great Hiking in Val Cusina Path trail starts from the Pietra dell’Appuntamento (literally, the appointment stone) and stretches eastward, along an almost plain section skirting a beautiful chestnut tree grove. The trail accesses the SP 352 province road, crosses Langa hamlet, and then enters the SP 115 province road at the votive pillar. Nearby a tiny pine forest, the trail leaves the paved road to point rightward: the Colle del Ginepretto hill beautifully overlooks this point.

The trail descends to enter the wood surrounding the hill and takes hikers into the delle Coste municipal road, from which it is worth enjoying a view of the 16th century Marsaglia castle.

Nearby Coste Sottane the trail turns right into a tiny road to Fontana dei Tredici Monti, a tiny water source. Keeping the path on the right and following the green signs, hikers abruptly descend until they can hear the gurgling Cusina brook, which they can easily cross up to the brook right shore. The trail ascends to take hikers among brook vegetation where water smoothly flows among Langa Pietre. For thousand years this brook has been used as source for materials to build all buildings in the valley.
At km 8 of the trail, hikers are suggested to leave the trail rightward for a while to enjoy the remaining s of the ancient Igliano mill, the only local mill up to 1950s.

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Back to the track, the trail takes hikers to Cusina hamlet, passes by it and gets to a bifurcation, where it is worth taking a rest at the ancient bridge (a legend tells it dates back to Ancient Roman age). From here, hikers can choose to walk along the short path or the long one.
The short path smoothly ascends along the river, until it comes across the long path; then it goes on along the paved road at the valley bottom to Castello farmstead and goes on skirting the brook to the Giuliani hamlet. The path passes by the hamlet, and, across cultivated fields and meadows, it gets to two abandoned farmsteads. Then the path turns leftward and starts its ascent up to the long path.
On the other hand, the long path, after having passed by Cusina hamlet, gets to a bifurcation and leftward steeply ascends along the ancient road from Igliano to Murazzano. After having crossed the SP 115 province road, the trail ascends up to the terraced land to reach the votive pillar and then turns leftward along a plain road. Beside the plain track, an imposing tree outstands with its straight trunk – a rare erro sughera, one of the thirty trees in Piedmont region, which is a botanic anomaly as it is a hybrid between an oak and a cork tree. It is the only broad-leaved tree in this area to have green leaves in winter: for this reason, local people call it the “Alta Langa magic tree”, accompanied by numberless legends.
Hikers can go on to San Luigi hamlet, where the beautiful Chiesa di San Ludovico dei Francesi (the church dates back to the 16th century) is definitely worth visiting. After having crossed the SP 115 province road, the trail ascends along a 150m paved road, which turns into a “creusa”, i.e., a narrow dirt road along trenches up along the hill ridge to get to Cornati hamlet. From the hamlet, the trail descends leftward into the wood to the tiny Rio dei Boscazzi brook (from which Cusina brook is originated) to come across the short pathway.
Hikers turn left and go on ascending in the wild forest up to Cima di Costamagna, which will make them enjoy a breath-taking view on Monviso. Here, nearby Pedaggera, the 1943-1945 Civil War showed its astonishing brutality. The trail descends to get to SP 32 province road, and then skirts it along a conifer wood, to make hikers access SP 352 province road along the hill top to the cross dedicated to the battle on 16 April 1796 between Piedmont and Napoleonic troops. The descent on the right gets to a votive pillar, and then the trail ascends again rightward onto Cima Monterotondo, before going down again to the Pietra dell’Appuntamento.




Pietra dell'Appuntamento (Torresina)
Pietra dell'Appuntamento (Torresina)
Type of trail
15.9 km
Estimated Time
4:00 hours


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Pietra dell'Appuntamento (Torresina)
Pietra dell'Appuntamento (Torresina)

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