Barbaresco Barolo

BTB - From Barbaresco to Barolo on a MTB

The Bar to Bar itinerary, a 7-stage circuit from Barbaresco to Barolo and back again (you can choose the direction), crosses a significant chunk of the Langhe Roero territory along low-traffic roads and trails, through woods and an array of uniquely beautiful landscapes. You will visit medieval villages and see a great many of the area’s vineyards as you learn a bit about local history and nature, and you can choose between shorter routes or longer ones, both designed for hiking and off-road cycling.

The longer circuit features long climbs and steep descents and is recommended for expert cyclists, but there is always the ability to avoid the most difficult sections either by getting off and pushing or carrying your bike, by taking a shorter, paved detour between two points, or by making use of public transport.

The shorter circuit leaves from Barbaresco and passes through Alba before following the Tanaro upriver into the Barolo region from Roddi – Verduno - La Morra and finally to Barolo.

The longer circuit goes from Barbaresco through Neive and Treiso and on to the upper Langhe. After descending into the Belbo Valley, you will then climb back up to the Bossola pass and head back along the main ridge through the Langhe towards the Tanaro Valley. From Bossolasco - Serravalle and Roddino, the circuit goes through Serralunga and on to Monforte, Novello and Barolo. A variation from Serralunga to Castiglione Falletto - Monforte is also available.

Along the route, there are marked stations for charging e-bikes and for minor repairs that may be necessary along the way. These are normally located in town centers or in the immediate area, or near RV or other roadside parking areas.



The Bar to Bar itinerary is marked with two-way signs bearing the red-and-white markings typically used for hiking trails, as well as with signposts specifically for cyclists.

Signs may fall down at times, but very often there are also (red and white) markings on trees and rocks pointing you in the right direction, especially in the woods and far from paved roads.

The codes S(1-3) and D(1-3) that are found in the text indicate the difficulty of climbs (S) and descents (D), with S3 and D3 being the most difficult and recommended only for expert cyclists in good physical condition.



Attention: Stage 7 of the Bar to Bar is currently affected by works on the A33 - Asti Cuneo motorway, which is expected to improve accessibility to our destination.

Therefore, it is impossible to follow the original route for a short stretch of the stage. Until the new route is marked out, it is advisable to leave the trail at the beginning of the construction site and proceed towards Alba along Via Agostino Morando, reconnecting with the official route after 3 km.







Via Acqui
3 Corso Fratelli Bandiera
Type of trail
Stage trail
139.5 km
Estimated Time
15:36 hours


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Charging stations along the trail
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Via Acqui
12051 Alba
3 Corso Fratelli Bandiera
12051 Alba

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