Slow rhythms amidst breathtaking sceneries: this, too, is BuonVivere

Whether it is soft trekking or downhill, an ebike ride or a trekking tour in stages, the LMR hills are the right place for any outdoor activity. An impressive variety of landscapes within a few miles of each other make these lands the perfect setting for any sport.

The Giro d'Italia often stops here. There is also something for everyone when it comes to sporting events: the GranTanaRando, the Bike Festival of the Hazelnut, the Ecomarathon of Barbaresco and of the Alba White Truffle, the Moscato Trail, to name but a few.

Just imagine the colours, scents and sounds of the most unspoilt nature. You can find them in the parks, oases and nature reserves located in various places: the Roero Forest Park, the Val Sarmassa Nature Reserve, the Rocchetta Tanaro Nature Park, the Alberone Park, the Valle Andona, Valle Botto and Val Grande Nature Reserves and finally the Belbo Springs Nature Reserve and the Marguareis Park.

Gentle hills or steep slopes, forests, nature reserves, rocks and gullies: explore them as far as your legs carry you or your trusty bike will take you.

Just stop, take a deep breath and open your eyes wide. The beauty that surrounds you will regenerate your mind and spirit.

A surprise at every turn! You will pass from the vineyards that are cared for like gardens in the Langhe and Monferrato, to the hazelnut groves and pastures of the Alta Langa and the Langa Astigiana, up to the Rocche of the Roero and the woods of the plain. A thrill at each sight.

But most of all, you will find slow rhythm and human warmth, time marked by the sound of a horse's hooves during a sunset walk through a vineyard. Or the adrenaline rush while riding a two-wheeler, spellbound on the crest of the hill.

And again, just stop and stand still in awe as you admire the skyline of the nearby mountains from the panoramic viewpoints of the UNESCO World Heritage hills: La Morra, Grinzane Cavour, Canelli, Vinchio or the medieval tower of Neive. And this is just the beginning.

Do you know what it feels like on board a wicker basket, up in the clouds? The silence is overwhelming, all you hear is the whisper of the air, the breeze, the birds and nature. Then, suddenly, the hills of Langhe Monferrato Roero appear in all their beauty. A hot air balloon flight is impossible to describe, you have to experience it.

Langhe Monferrato Roero, a synergie of good vibes. Connect with nature and you will reconnect with yourself.

An innovative structure is just what you need to immerse yourself in the landscape around you. To sleep under a starry sky in semi-transparent bubbles, in a romantic treehouse, in a glamorous campsite or in a yurt is a truly unique experience.

And then, when you wake up, there could be nothing better than a yoga or pilates session in the vineyards to relax, contemplate nature in harmony and recharge your body with new energy.

Here you will find richness in simple things, in those feelings which are now rare: the familiar atmosphere of a winery that welcomes you for a break during your soft-trekking, the view that unfolds on top of the hill while you are practicing Nordic Walking. What are you waiting for?

Nature has done its best here to spellbind you, become part of the spell.

These hills are a perfect playground for two-wheel lovers. .Whether you are a beginner e-bike enthusiast or a professional rider on your road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike, you will find what you are looking for here, or rather what your legs are looking for! 

Langhe Monferrato Roero also provide kilometres of trails dedicated to trekking amongst vineyards, woods, rocks and meadows which are meant to revitalize your body and soul. Whether it is a loop trail or in stages, family-friendly or challenging for well-trained legs, you are heading for a treasure hidden in the trees.

But nature's masterpiece will not cease to amaze you: the unique scenery surrounding a golf course, the guided walks, either day or night, and the tours with food and wine stops, as well as the two-wheels including joelettes, everything is worth experiencing here.

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