The perfect synthesis of the Bel Paese's virtues.

There are cities to discover in Langhe Monferrato Roero, an unexpected surprise. Apart from the main towns that relate to the three destination areas, there are, indeed, many other realities to be found in the four corners of the area: from Dogliani to Canelli, from San Damiano d’Asti to Cherasco, from Nizza Monferrato to Moncalvo. But there could be many more. They are the epitome of provincial Piedmont, made of small villages with a population ranging from 5,000 to 10,000, often with a popularity far beyond their size.

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Such places should be visited quietly, strolling through their streets, looking at shop windows with historical signs, tasting the many delicacies that make their gastronomy unique, walking into a church that happens to be a real treasure, marvelling at a bell tower, visiting an innovative museum.

Although these centres are part of articulated landscape itineraries, and often serve as departure points, they deserve special attention and a more attentive visit. Just park your car and immerse yourself in the most genuine Piedmont, you will be amazed.




Discover the brochure Towns to discover between Langhe and Roero, Urban Itineraries

Discover the brochure Towns to discover between Astesana and Monferrato, Urban Itineraries