Bra, Cherasco and Dogliani: the epitome of provincial Piedmont all within a few kilometres.

Three cities with three different souls, today ideally set on a single axis, ready to tease visitors with stories, ancient buildings, excellent products and timeless peculiarities. Two cities, Bra and Cherasco, are just 6 km apart, both lying on the edge of the plateau but separated by a fertile plain and the Stura river that flows just below the ridge overlooked by Cherasco; the rock of Bra, on the other hand, encloses the Turin plateau along the Tanaro Valley. The third city, Dogliani, is just less than 20 km away in the Rea Valley: a small watercourse that descends from the Bossola Pass and flows into the Tanaro river, not far from Dogliani.

Dogliani hosts food markets of excellence, Cherasco has long been the capital of antiques, while Bra with its Cheese event has become the world benchmark for artisanal cheese. The three cities are also complementary in the food and wine combination: in Bra the refinement of the homonymous DOP cheese and the delicious veal sausage, in Dogliani the noblest Dolcetto and some of the best truffle groves in the Langa, in Cherasco snails (with an International Heliculture Centre), the unmissable “baci” (pastry cookies) of dark chocolate and hazelnuts... and even two hectares of Barolo!

There is just so much in such a short distance that it hardly seems real.