Bra, city of art and culture, Bra city of Slow Food and today Slow City.

Bra city attentive to the quality of life, Bra city lounge where you can go for a walk and discover some unexpected corners. Bra, with its elusive Rocca, overlooking the Tanaro Valley and winking at the Langa. Bra, whose hamlets touch gently the Roero with its Rocche and woodlands, Bra of the products of excellence that gourmet lovers around the world come to seek out.

Roman Bra and Baroque Bra, Bra of the Social Saints and the Holy Cottolengo, Bra of museums for all, but also Bra of the summer aperitif, Bra the perfect setting for so many of Giovanni Arpino's works, modern Bra that speaks the languages of the world thanks to the students of the University of Gastronomic Science of Pollenzo.

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