Have you ever had that strange feeling of wanting to run away? Run away from the daily life, your usual routine, the daily tasks?

It often happens to me, sometimes I am overwhelmed by the issues of my law firm's clients. When this sense of estrangement from my everyday places and spaces becomes compelling, when my chakras need to be ''refreshed'', I always know where I can seek refuge and regain my inner balance: I come here. Yes, here. Are you seeing this amazing view, too? Not yet? Then let me tell you about it and try to imagine, along with me, the day when you too will treat yourself to this little regenerating luxury.

Here. A place so close and, at the same time, so far away (I hope Wim Wenders will forgive me for this quote) from the usual routine. I know for sure that it will be a pleasant spiritual and hopefully very productive break. 

So I switch off. I also involve Andrea, my partner, who needs a short and relaxing break as much as I do (he is also a lawyer), and we come to these hills even just for a weekend to indulge in stimulating activities and meet people who live their life in perfect harmony with nature and the landscapes of these hills.
Sometimes, during my getaways, when I prefer conviviality to romance, I also involve my friends: and afterwards they never stop thanking me. I am their mentor of BuonVivere and I am very proud of that!

It is late spring and I am staying in a glamping facility surrounded by greenery. I love waking up and exchanging friendly glances with the jays, the blue of their plumage spellbinds me. At night, I like to listen to the foxes' laughter, I think they are laughing at us and at our new age music we play at home while sitting on the sofa.

The weekend I planned starts with a welcome drink on the patio of a bungalow equipped with every comfort. We switch off our phones and get ready for a dinner which is way more than romantic – it is an intimate dinner in a casot in the heart of the vineyards. In the past they were small, functional tool sheds, but today some of them have been converted into exclusive dining rooms with only a few seats. It is fantastic for two people! 

The following morning, after having listened attentively to the sounds of the woods while hugging each other, we get ready for a sun salutation and muscle awakening. Our yoga class takes place in a young, shiny vineyard, on a mat of fresh grass and spice-scented turfs: the kind of earthly smell to which we are no longer used.

After a hearty breakfast, we are ready to go for a walk along one of the many hiking trails in the area. Andrea and I love walking in nature. We choose a trail which is not too difficult, but which promises to be culturally enriching. Off we go.

We pass through valleys, fields and forests: at every turn there is a new, extremely relaxing landscape. There is no crowd. It is just the two of us, our map and some tiny hares which escape when they hear the ticking noise of our Nordic walking poles. We pass through many villages and hamlets, there are churches which reveal works you never thought you could find in rural areas; this is a clear sign that beauty and art never had any boundaries over the centuries.

We also come across the deconsecrated church of the Beata Maria Vergine del Carmine, now known as the Tremlett chapel. The artist expressed himself at his best on these hills and this work is only one out of four that can be admired between Langhe and Monferrato. Further on, we stop at a vineyard where some big coloured pencils have replaced the traditional support poles. We help ourselves to the drinks in the basket that the vineyard owner has left there: there are bottles of moscato and some glasses. We open one and sit down to drink and contemplate the landscape. Even the last chakra seems to be back in its right place.

We have lunch in a typical trattoria, one of those taverns where grandma is in the kitchen to give orders, and then we are back on the road, slightly less dynamic than before, because the agnolotti were special and in the end we had an additional first course. The route is easy, varied, the air is crisp and fragrant: wisteria overflows from the courtyards of the houses and the meadows are dotted with hyacinths and irises. 

We relax on our chirpy patio. We made a reservation at a starred restaurant for dinner, Andrea has read some great reviews. I will tell you about it. Here I will just mention one adjective: excellent!

The last night in the woods. The foxes never disappoint us and they lull us with their song-like cries. The counterpoint is a tawny owl who is clearly in love and seems to be quite close, perhaps in the branches of that old elm tree. 

One more yoga lesson and after breakfast we are off to a mountain bike ride. The time has come to go back to our daily routine. It would be nice to stay here until dusk, when the sky turns orange, to enjoy a special sunset in an amphitheatre where piped music provides the perfect soundtrack to our holiday. We will be back in the summer.

when my chakras need to be ''refreshed'', I always know where I can seek refuge.

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