In awe, staring upwards: endless thrills for the whole family.

An huge playground of genuine experiences of flavours, fragrances and traditions, a unique landscape and an artistic heritage that encourages discovery. Langhe Monferrato Roero, an experience to be shared with playing with the whole family.

Whether you are seeking an escape into nature, an adventure to test yourself, or an authentic experience with the local people, you will surely enjoy a memorable family holiday here.

Learning through play: Who said wine is for grown-ups only?

Here, the traditions that have made Langhe Monferrato Roero one of the world's most popular wine-growing regions are a part of everyone's heritage, including children. These traditions are to be found throughout the wineries which have created games and itineraries to entertain children while their parents taste some good wine. And for the young budding winegrowers there could be nothing better than a day spent in the vineyards, harvesting alongside the producers as their apprentices, to get a real feel for the world of wine. 

There is more to it than wine: there are plenty of opportunities to be in contact with nature, to learn to respect animals, to become familiar with the products of the land which can be harvested in the several farms where precious delicacies are transformed into tasty recipes. And then, for the young chefs, everything is ready for a family cooking class to explore genuine traditions and flavours.

A plunge into the past through stories and traditions which make Langhe Monferrato Roero an enchanting place: here the budding explorers will find plenty of things to do.

Discover the secrets of the great magicians, enjoy the games of our ancestors, solve complicated puzzles in the old towns, unravel the mysteries hidden behind the walls of the castles, dig for fossils from the Padan Sea that covered these hills millions of years ago. Let yourself be captured by the simplicity of the wooden toys which tell ancient yet timeless stories, in the heart of an educational park surrounded by nature and created to narrate Langhe Monferrato Roero to young visitors.

Family-friendly Outdoor activities: trails and experiences for all ages.

Happily immerse yourself in the sea of vineyards which adorns the hills of Langhe and Monferrato from Big Bench to Big Bench, explore enchanted groves and suggestive hazel groves in search of mouth-watering stops, follow thematic trails to explore the Rocche del Roero and discover their legends, or visit an old town  with new eyes: whether you are on foot or by bike in Langhe Monferrato Roero you will find specific trails you can enjoy in safety with your family and explore on your own or accompanied by an expert guide.  

(And if you don't want to take your gear with you, you will find everything you need to plan your adventure here).

Ready, set, go!