Excitement, fun and a few drops of adrenaline: riding up and down the hills on a mountain bike.

There are many ways to put some emotion into your holiday, but you'll agree that testing yourself on your mountain bike along dirt roads through woodlands and vineyards is certainly one of the most effective. That is why we have planned and researched the most charming and evocative routes for you. You can choose between long and short routes, although the time you invest in this outing will depend a great deal on how much you let yourself be ravished by the surrounding nature. Actually, there are reports of experienced cyclists who have doubled the time of a medium-length loop. When asked about the matter, they confessed: “Well, you see, first there was a small hare, then a roe deer, then a tree full of cherries and... you surely have to taste one... but you know how the old saying goes, once you start eating cherries you just can’t stop...”. 



The pleasure of an active holiday.

You'll find plenty of reasons not to worry about time and records, and it doesn't matter if you're not very well trained: MTB routes are varied and can offer significant differences in altitude, demanding climbs and steep descents, as well as pleasant stretches along the valley. If you should encounter any difficulties, well, there is always the e-bike option, pedal-assisted bicycles that will help you tackle the most demanding slopes. And if you need to make a technical stop, there are charging stations along the routes and maintenance stations with tools for small repairs. Bring your own bike or rent it on site: here you will find everything you need to plan your active holiday in the best possible way, from rental services, to cycle tour guides, luggage transport services for longer journeys or bike transport for more difficult stretches...


Discover all the MTB tour and choose your favourite one