Forget about the usual gym, the time has come for some yoga in the vines...

Whether it is the pink explosion of cherry blossoms and peach trees in springtime, the lush green of summer vines, or the warm and reassuring tones of autumn foliage: a multitude of hues and sensations will pervade your search for inner balance and serenity.

Yoga has always been associated with well-being and spiritual growth, it is an art, rather than a sporting activity, which has many health benefits both for the body and mind. Meditation, breathing, energy, fluidity: if we combine all these features with contact with nature, immersion in green spaces, the beauty of the landscape, we can experience the feeling of being one with the universe in a more intense and genuine way.

Moment by moment you will feel a wave of inner peace: the breeze eases your breathing, the sun warms your muscles and makes them more flexible, the scent of earth and grass reconnects you with the cosmos and next thing you know, a butterfly will appear. It will land in front of you, play with your gaze and help you, with its kindness, on your path to self-awareness and harmony.

Embrace the philosophy of BuonVivere.

To practice yoga in the hills of Langhe Monferrato Roero, immersed in breathtaking landscapes, in the vineyards of the world's most famous wines, surrounded by an all-encompassing nature, is a unique unmissable experience. The harmony of the environment will intensify every sensation: body, spirit and all the chakras will be most grateful.


Organise your Yoga in the Vineyards