Horses and history: the equestrian tradition of Langhe Monferrato Roero.

There are many ways to explore the gentle slopes of Langhe Monferrato Roero, but surely the one that will allow you to capture its most authentic spirit, to do it slowly, in the company of friends, in an environmentally friendly way, is on the back of a tame steed or with a friendly donkey for a ride on a packhorse. These are emotions that you will treasure for a long time, because the pleasure of these lands lies in the fact that you can discover them without following predetermined routes, and you can merge into the endless undulating landscape that these same lands create. There is a great equestrian tradition in these areas, and indeed it is no coincidence that the oldest Palio in Italy is run in the city of Asti, and Monferrato owes its origins to the legendary three-day, three-night ride of the brave Aleramo; so it won't be difficult to book your horseback ride in one of the many stables or farmhouses equipped with paddocks around these hills. If you have the time, you can also improve your technique and perhaps share wonderful moments with your family: there are many horse-riding experiences to suit all needs, as well as qualified guides and services conceived to make your stay comfortable and safe. 

Emotions to be experienced slowly.

Get on horseback, let yourself be cradled by the rhythm of hooves along maze-like tracks and paths that seem to have been created to take you far away from everyday life and make you feel in perfect harmony with the natural perfection that surrounds you amidst a sequence of vineyards, woods, ancient villages and charming castles.


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