It may be just a fantasy, but not to them. Children's play is pure reality and an essential part of their growth and happiness.

There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to play while on holiday, perhaps even discovering new cities and new landscapes. Nothing could be more funny and educational if, when you reach your destination, you can find challenging activities to engage in with your whole family. No more little hands reaching out for attention, no more yawning and whining... the hills of Langhe Monferrato Roero are "whimper free"! How did we achieve this? It was quite simple: by creating an incredible variety of activities for families. In this way, a visit to the city turns into an exciting team game in which families or groups of friends become crews who engage in competitions in search of hidden details of the city. Riddles and games that will test your intuition and imagination.

If you love music, if you always have tunes running through your head and you are a fan of the rhyming couplet, then you should not miss the guided rap tour: an innovative way to discover historic old towns where, in addition to the tour guide, you will also find a rapper and be involved in musical word games. And if you're not ready to play games or for hip hop... you can always take the Alba Family Tour with expert guides who narrate events that will fascinate both children and adults

Discover these new ways to visit the city, suitable for the whole family.

Have fun to the rhythm of rap and enjoy Alba's historical heritage and try your hand at making rhymes while keeping time. Challenge friends, but also strangers in puzzle games of skill by revealing not words but architectural and cultural treasures, experience with your children the magic of a tour especially designed for them: culture is made with rhythm and poetry in Langhe Monferrato Roero and plenty of fun is guaranteed.

Asti borgo

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