I apologise to the ancient fable

If I don't like the stingy ant

I am on the side of the cicada

that the most beautiful song does not sell...

but is a gift! (Gianni Rodari)

Chiedo scusa alla favola antica
se non mi piace l’avara formica
io sto dalla parte della cicala
che il più bel canto non vende…
(Gianni Rodari)


Children will find real gifts in some of the villages of the Langhe Monferrato Roero area:  art, stories and tales on walls and in the most secret corners of narrow streets, alleyways and small squares. There are walls that tell stories, they are the tales of princes and princesses, the fantasy characters created by the ladies of the countryside, and of course there are also wolves: good or bad, it doesn't matter; they are always fascinating, they emerge from great novels, fairy tales and movies to capture us in their adventures and feats. A fantasy world that you can discover by travelling through these hills, a magical dimension created for children that will surely enchant mum and dad too.


Paths that will catch your attention and whet your imagination, in close contact with nature or in small villages that have stories to tell.

Come and discover the wonderful Land of the "Babaci" in Maranzana, the ironic rag dolls that populate the small Monferrato municipality, born from the imagination of the village housewives. Retrace the steps of the Nara la Rana (Nara the frog) tale, an ancient inhabitant of the village, through the 15 scenes painted on the houses walls along the streets of Roreto di Cherasco. Visit the Lupus in Fabula Murales in Montelupo Albese, created by Italian artists and featuring the wolf, the main protagonist of these stories and, for years, the undisputed ruler in Alta Langa. Finally, take a relaxing stroll through the Fairy Tale Village of Sommariva Bosco to meet Sleeping Beauty and immerse yourself in the fantastic world created by Charles Perrault.


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