There was a grape, a small bunch, but there was also an elf... Everything small is precious here, everything young deserves attention, everything promising must be cultivated.


Perhaps it is because here the splendour of the landscape is the result of the passion with which the vines are cultivated and the love and care given to the vines and shoots, but the fact is that these hills are perfectly suited to welcoming families with children.  Budding tourists, the young explorers, are also welcome to visit the wineries. While mum and dad take part in guided wine tastings, they can dream and play and be involved in stories, characters and discover the wonderful world of wine.

Wine tells its story: to adults through tastings and guided tasting tours, to children through play and entertainment. There will be a time when children too will be able to taste and appreciate it through their senses of smell and taste, but for the moment let them learn about it through characters and toys. It will be fun to learn more about grapes, the life cycle of the plant that produces them, the berries, the wine-making process and imagine the journey a bottle will face to reach the tables of adults, all of this while in the company of expert storytellers and toys specifically designed for them.

Learn while having fun:

A lovely and original project meant to make a visit to the winery relaxing and pleasant, even when you are with the younger members of the family, and this project is the brainchild of four mothers who are also entrepreneurs in the wine sector. There are well-equipped wineries that organize tours and family days to learn all about vine cultivation with the help of nice wooden toys made by local craftsmen.

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