A wonderful adventure in close contact with nature, guided by gnomes and elves in the sparkling atmosphere of the grape harvest.

They are bizarre and cheeky, sometimes even a bit mischievous. They have strange hats and dress in brightly coloured clothes. They are the gnomes, also called elves, who live in isolation, but according to Langhe Monferrato Roero tradition, from time to time they leave the woods to reach the vineyards and help the farmers take care of the grapes and during the grape harvest.
It will not be easy to see them, as they are quite shy, but with the help of a very good entertainer who knows all about their habits, you will be able to spot the traces of their actions. A truly pleasant moment to be experienced with other children: cutting the juiciest bunches of grapes and put them in baskets, press the bunches with bare feet, smell the scent of the must and the sticky sensation of sugars which start doing their work and turn the grapes into precious wine.
So, while you are busy with all these activities, mum and dad can visit the whole estate, go into the cellars and enjoy a tasting of the fine wines of this land.
And after so much work... a delicious snack with local products, but be careful! Some gnome might steal your delicious salami sandwich: he loves it so much!


There are still happy moments to be shared with the young kids: children's grape harvests are fun and educational activities.

Our qualified staff are ready to welcome families and, depending on the age of the young guests, arrange outdoor activities, creative workshops and exciting treasure hunts that will reveal all there is to know about the world of wine and winemaking.

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