Search, locate, dig... Be careful, it's very fragile! The first rule of a perfect palaeontologist: careful handling.

Follow the traces of the sea in the green heart of Monferrato and discover places where, millions of years ago, whales, dolphins and voracious sharks used to swim. A land once inhabited by the sea, which has left an indelible mark that can be seen in many areas, some of which are protected and preserved, as befits all that is precious. Watch carefully during your walks, you will see shells of the most varied shapes, molluscs and you will be charmed by the sands that sparkle with imperceptible fragments of mother-of-pearl. Over the years, these hills have revealed large fossilised cetaceans, to the amazement of those who now visit the Paleontological Museum in Asti, where the Tersilla and Viglianottera whales are waiting to tell you about a past world that is as dangerous and wild as it is fascinating.

Trails for young and old alike, set in protected areas and with a rich variety of flora and fauna, will take you on a journey of discovery through a magical and surprising historical period, providing lots of emotions and the pleasure of relaxing walks in the countryside, amidst nature and valuable historical and cultural assets. An experience in close contact with nature, including hikes, workshops, simulated excavations and close encounters with Tersilla and her sisters, who once puffed and splashed joyfully in these hills.


Nearby evidence of distant eras and seas that have disappeared yet are still visible.

You can find these traces in the sites safeguarded, promoted and cared for by the management body of the Parco Paleontologico Astigiano (Asti Paleontological Park), such as the Val Sarmassa Nature Reserve, the Cortiglione or Valle Andona sites, Valle Botto, Valle Grande and others. Visit the Palaeontological Fossil Museum in Asti, with its colourful prehistoric aquarium, and take part with the whole family in one of the several educational activities that will give you the opportunity to become a palaeontologist for a day.

Follow the traces of the Sea on the Hills