Heart-sheped leaves, but there are also leaves in the shape of tears and others which are reminiscent of smiles or hands reaching for the sky.

It would seem as if nature is observing us and capturing our expressions and emotions to deliver them back to us in the most varied forms. Have you ever realized this? Haven't you? Then join us and immerse yourself in the botanical trails of Langhe Monferrato Roero, you will be happily surprised.
As Oscar Wilde also said: “It seems to me that we all look at Nature too much and live with her too little”. But perhaps the time has come to reconnect with the Creation, pay homage to it and enjoy it in all its magnificence. All you have to do is head to these hills where, in some small villages, a decision has been taken to promote each native plant and all the spontaneous flora by creating real educational trails along paths that run through woods, clearings and small lakes.
Take a walk in the countryside and discover biodiversity, smell the scents of the forest, learn to identify each species and appreciate its peculiarities, relive the atmosphere of enchanted forests inhabited by gnomes and goblins, hiding in the trees, but eager to be discovered by young visitors: easy trails, designed to welcome families, with games, and equipped snack and picnic areas. Furthermore, adventure seekers can embark on a virtual journey around the world and learn about the animals that live there on a real safari through the Alta Langa hills.

Let yourself be conquered...

Treat yourself during your stay to the pleasure of walking in the woods on easy, loop trails and indulge in some relaxing and educational moments. Come and discover the Alberone Park in Cocconato or walk along the botanical trail of the small Codana Lake in Montiglio Monferrato. Visit the Bosco Fatato (Fairy Wood) along the Rocche del Roero or wander through the Langa hills along the Gnomovia (Gnomo path) in Mango, in search of fantastic new friends.And again, immerse yourself in some exotic habitats set in the semi-wild nature of the Alta Langa to discover the animals living in the (Parco Safari delle Langhe) Langhe Safari Park in Murazzano. Places designed for the whole family, amidst harmonious landscapes and Langhe Monferrato Roero views, where the gaze loses itself among gentle ups and downs overlooked by castles and small villages and then reaches the unmistakable outline of the Alps.

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