To go trekking in his company means to put yourself on the line and relish the value of slowness.

Innocent, symbol of peace and man's most patient friend, protagonist of fairy tales, novels, paintings, poems, neo-realist feature films and, more recently, of animated movies which have entertained children and adults alike. Did you guess? Of course you did! It is the friendly and docile little donkey that is waiting for you here in Langhe Monferrato Roero to take you on relaxing, regenerating and sustainable walks.

He has been mocked sometimes, but the little donkey has never taken offence and has continued, with stoic perseverance, to help men along the way. There is a reference to the donkey in the Bible and, furthermore, no nativity scene would be complete without him. In classic fairytales the donkey has been the protagonist of many an adventure, Chagall has painted him colourfully, Giotto has immortalized him in the Scrovegni Chapel, Prévert has described him in verses, and Shakespeare has included him in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"....  And who hasn't been anxious about Pinocchio and Candlewick as donkeys in the Land of Toys? And what about the adorable Donkey from Shrek? We could mention so many famous donkeys which have been keeping us company since the dawn of time. We may have overlooked this for a while, but today it is possible to recapture the magic of fairytales by engaging with donkeys in specially-equipped centres where you can go trekking, but also learn more about their character and needs. 

To go hiking in the hills, through meadows, vineyards and woods keeping pace with the donkey will be ideal to rediscover the rhythms of authentic country life, without frenzy, and enjoy the company of a docile, humble, soft, cautious animal, whose friendly nature never ceases to amaze us.

Come to discover the pleasures of donkey trekking in Langhe Monferrato Roero.

Experience recreational and sensory activities in the company of these wonderful, docile animals, and rediscover the pleasure of living in contact with nature: moments to be shared with your family, with children and teenagers, but also with those friends who, just like you, enjoy the little luxuries of simple living and who are eager to venture into new places, whether it is a landscape or a state of mind.


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