Impressive and strategic, but also noble and aristocratic: the charm of the towers.

Although they were built mainly for defensive purposes, it is nice to think that behind every tower in Langhe Monferrato Roero there is a story and a desire to rise up to take a better view of the landscape, to peer at those horizons that are a sequence of infinite hills and that, like a perpetual green wave, stop only when they meet the white Alps.

There are plenty of them, and both Asti and Alba are part of the small group of towns known as the "Hundred Towers". And there is simply no town or strategic hill that does not show off its own tower. Whether it was a watchtower or a symbol of the power of an aristocratic family, these slender constructions are the ideal place to raise your eyes and also your spirit. Places born to watch, which allow you to widen your view in search of details known only to those who are able to soar. 


Be surrounded by beauty, overlooking the extraordinary history of these lands.

Today, thanks to an original project, some of the most evocative fortified buildings in the Langhe Monferrato Roero are part of a circuit and can be reached by following a scenic loop that is nearly 200 kilometres long. From tower to tower, from hill to hill, passing through villages where time seems to stand still, perhaps releasing the mind from daily life to return to dreaming and imagining that distant world which, thanks to these buildings, continues to tell its story.

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Turris, Langhe Monferrato Roero dall'Alto