Intimate, simple and mysterious: parish churches and abbeys, a journey into authentic Monferrato.

A circuit of small churches and Romanesque parish churches between the Lower Monferrato and the Turin area: this is the thematic itinerary designed to highlight these thousand-year-old places of immeasurable cultural value, where history and legend often overlap, offering visitors a journey through time and the harmony of the Monferrato countryside. Itineraries through ancient villages or in the quiet of woods and vineyards to reach Albugnano and be spellbound by the Abbey of Santa Maria in Vezzolano, or Montiglio, with its cemetery chapel dedicated to San Lorenzo or the gem that is San Secondo in Cortazzone (the golden triangle of Asti Romanesque). And then on to Aramengo, Berzano San Pietro, Buttigliera, Castelnuovo Don Bosco, Cerreto, Cocconato, Montafia and Tonengo, all while enjoying a landscape full of charm.

Rete Romanica in Collina

Follow the map, let yourself be guided and set out to discover a world of rare harmony.

So much beauty has now been made more accessible thanks to a circuit set up by the "In Collina" Association, which as well as promoting each individual jewel of Medieval art through a content-rich website, coordinates the volunteers who, on the basis of a calendar, handle the opening times and guided tours of the sites. From church to church, along this hilly area rich in flora and fauna, known for its food and wine traditions and less so for its historical and artistic heritage. Churches to be discovered slowly, observing every detail and the many symbols that appear in-between the vaults, capitals and frescoes.

Discover the churches of the Romanesque Network of the Hills