The hills you don't expect: themed visits and many interesting facts.

If you are a curious traveller and do not limit yourself to observing what you see, but want to know why and how that castle, that tower or that landscape came to be, then you will find some extremely interesting tour proposals that are planned to introduce you to the uniqueness of the villages on the Langhe Monferato Roero hills in an unusual and engaging way. You will be spoilt for choice and each of these proposals will reveal art, history, traditions and trivia that will expand your knowledge in a most entertaining way. Just accept the challenge of whoever invites you to go "A Caccia di Leggende®" (Legend Hunting) or to get to know the "masche", the wicked witches who once inhabited the woods and the most inaccessible hilltops.

Captivating narratives, with theatrical and multimedia forays.

Be guided by tourist guides who bring the ancient inhabitants of Langhe Monferrato Roero back to life, wearing their clothes, during some "Visite Narrate®" (Narrated visits) in castles that are a real journey through time. Climb up towers, domes and bell towers, which become starred for you, to admire the outline of the hills and the skyline of the cities, perhaps while sipping an aperitif at high altitude. Don't miss the opportunity to take part in an itinerant theatrical performance, where you will be thrilled by the performances of the "Landscape Storymovers®", conceived to involve you with anecdotes and trivia, but also with walks in the open air and tasty stops to delight your palate with traditional dishes. There is much more waiting for you on the Langhe Monferrato Roero hills. Come and discover all the unusual tours!


Discover the Unusual Tours