Endless opportunities to celebrate, across villages and hills.

Partly because good wine invites you to party, partly to ensure that we don't lose our centuries-old traditions and enhance the history of our grandparents: it is just impossible to count all the local events, re-enactments and village celebrations. There are many historical performances that re-enact atmospheres of bygone eras through carefully crafted period costumes and the reconstruction of settings or scenes from days gone by. The most famous historical re-enactments include, above all, the Palio of Asti (since 1275, one of the oldest in Italy) with bareback horses, and the more goliardic Palio of Alba, which is run with donkeys: the historical parades, the flag-wavers' shows and the attention to detail are an experience not to be missed.


In the squares and streets, legends and good food come to life.

From gastronomic festivals to the traditional Langa polentoni, from legends referring to the epic deeds of soldiers and knights to the colourful stories of "masche", the mischievous witches who inhabited these hills, from religious re-enactments such as the Via Crucis or the Living Nativity Scenes to the traditional quest for eggs (cantè j'euv) in spring, from the presentation of new wines at the end of the grape harvest season, everything becomes a celebration in Langhe Monferrato Roero. With the last summer warmth comes the great Asti “Festival delle Sagre”, also known as “la sagra delle sagre” (the festival of the festivals), preceded by a grandiose historical parade staging the rural life of past centuries.And in winter it's time for truffles and "bagna cauda": how can we resist the temptation to sit down and celebrate?

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