Walking in nature and feeding on beauty and gastronomic tradition.

If you love walking in nature, and yet you don't want to do without the pleasures of the table, if you enjoy living outdoors, but in the company of friends or new acquaintances, you can't help but accept the invitation to take part in one of the many food and wine walks that are organized from spring to autumn in the Langhe Monferrato Roero hills. You will find it hard to resist the exciting events on offer, offering traditional cuisine at every stop, while enjoying the hospitality of local producers who will open their doors to introduce you to their prestigious wines. If you are passionate about the history of the destinations you visit, this is the best way to enjoy the atmosphere of the area: you will be welcomed into the farmyards, the courtyards of historic buildings and the most intimate places in the towns and ancient villages.


So many proposals for so many palates: every walk is a world revealed.

Through vineyards, woods, hazelnut groves, up and down ridges, amidst the greenery and sounds of nature, with the breeze of spring, the warmth of the summer sun at dusk and the warm nuances of autumn: in every season you will find the right enogastronomic walk for you. So just get ready and don't forget the right equipment: comfortable shoes and a great desire to get together and make new friends.

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